Rescue Journal

blue: on lemon cake.

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2011

"is she trying to stick a fork in my mouth? hey!...oh......mmmm...that tastes pretty good. oh here that fork comes again, i can do better with it this time! mmmm..... lemon cake on a fork is really good!"

when he was done fully savoring it, he stared at me quite solemnly and licked his lips over and over again!
i bet that was blue's first lemon cake...thx jenn, blue says you did mmmm good!

pops has been rolling...yay pops, i bet that feels really good too!

major disaster at barn apples for dinner. at saints apples are not a barn treat..they are a staple like hay and grain. anyway after they were in bed, i was bitching at laura who was running her dogs. if someone had told me we needed apples, i would have stopped on my way home and gotten some.
laura phoned vern who is our apple guy and he said he dropped some off today and told the lady to make sure they got taken out to the barn..the lady said ok.

ok forgetful no name are in deep shit! the barn guys had no apples for dessert.

other than the lack of apples..barn bedtime went really well. everyone was pretty mellow from a nice sunny day and no one tried to kill me tonight and that was great!

note to barn folks....chewie can get out of the goat pen and back into the riding ring...he scoots under the stall wall in the cow barn. he was out when i got home but he was back in by the time i brought their dinner. i have no idea where he will be by morning..i guess that is up to him.

note to mo...i found the apples and put them on the washer in the shop..please grab them in the morning on the way to the barn.

gideon: on forgiving and forgetting....when he gets his apples for breakfast, the forgetful lady will be fully forgiven.

it was a beautiful evening today..i hope tomorrow is as beautiful too!



i asked the vet that last week..he said he thinks so, he doesn't think any of his hooves will separate now. his last xray was good too.


I see there is only 1 Canadian winner in the Shelter Challenge and SAINTS is presently in 2nd. Yesterday, Vokra asked (via their Facebook page) that all who had been voting for them, start voting for SAINTS instead, as they are currently in 4th and probably won't be able to move up enough, and they hope it will give you a boost upward :)

Carol Ann

OK so the apples were dropped off by ko's husband mid morning. I told Jenn twice and she said she saw them . On my way out with Lynne at 1 o'clock the apples were still there outside the mp room. I TRIED TO PICK THEM UP TO BRING THEM TO THE BARN BUT IT WAS TOO HEAVY FOR ME. I went looking for a barn person and didn't see anyone so i came home. Lynne even told me not to try to carry it -it was too heavy for me. Not my fault I passed on the message. Besides those animals like me and my steady supply of carrots lol


sorry for being a ratfink but that was carol anne who did indeed take the box out to the barn when we were all finished. and ko do not do that to jelly again she needs her fix of you she moped in the entranceway for the whole day. hope you are here tomorrow.