Rescue Journal

katie died last night.

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2011

the vet thought she had turned the corner and was going to be alright. her bloodwork was pretty much normal except for her kidney values, she was no longer vomitting and had even eaten her dinner. he checked her just after 8 pm and she was really good...this morning when he arrived, she was gone.

on katie's behalf...thank you to Dr. Tim and the staff of Cottonwood clinic (you guys really went above and beyond for her!), thank you to trina and staff from animal control, and thank you to everyone who donated to give this poor dog a chance for a better life.

i will go in and pay her medical bill next week and animal control will cover the cost of her cremation. the vet is going to do a postmortum this afternoon to see what the sudden cause of death really was (she probably threw a clot because she had been down for many days.)

rest in peace katie, you were very important to many people...we all truly wish you could have been saved.



Katie, I love you and will miss you dearly. Thank you for being a part of my life.


it is okay brenda you have three very capable volunteers to handle it. also i guess i will have to be the boss again not quite sure but it feels really good lol well with power comes something.


Hi volunteers! I am back at work to get a few hours of sleep before going back to the hospital to do the evening and overnight (stay awake) shift at the hospital again for my client, who believes she is in hell! (I'm starting to think I am too) Anyway, very sorry about this weekend - emergencies happen in my line of work and I have to be here for the special needs ladies when it is a crisis. I have been working with the same 3 ladies for 24 years, and they're like extended family to me. Again, I wish I could bi-locate, and I'd be at SAINTS too. Thanks to all who covered for me. Ok, back to hell!!!


she had so many people loving her even tho we had not met her yet. wish it could have been different but it wasnt. rest in peace dear katie. thanks carol for wanting so badly to help her. on a happier note i met blue today and yes he does remind me of our dear kodi and max, ann you are going to fall in love all over again. just do not try to take his black pants off. lol.jenn you have to get a pic of him from the back too funny. hope reggie is having a great time and the office seems very lonely without him. but good for him.


a windchime yes...ashes no. no ones ashes come back anymore...we can't afford it, we need the money for the living. but it is ok..they are done with their bodies and have moved on to a different plane. the chimes are for us so we remember them.


I am crying as I write this.
will her ashes come to SAINTS and will she be able to have a chime? Please say yes.