Rescue Journal have to post on here more..this is such a great story! even i like to know what they are up to when i am not around!

Carol  ·  Mar. 21, 2011

by mo...
So Sunday, I am preparing to leave & I slip Al & Jessy back into the yard, while Tammy has the job of putting the red whirling devil back into the house, normally I would go into the house & have a short visit with those that don’t venture out to the barn but I was a bit short of time… as I leave I run into Carol who is also preparing to leave & she says to me… Al & Jessy are locked out cuz the doggy door has been closed already… So I almost left those 2 locked outside… Whew!!!

I am driving home pondering the day & it’s going ons… when my thoughts are drawn to Angus. Angus was a barn dog on Sunday, he hung out snoozing in the sun & joining me on my dog walk breaks..which is when I noticed he is quite an independent fellow, both times on my way back to the barn..Angus stopped on the hill & decided to hang there & catch some rays. I kept my eye on him and when I went to dump a wheel barrow..I’d look over & there he was sitting on the hill, face towards the sun..enjoying the warmth. I love this dog.

Suddenly I think… did Angus make it back into the house.. I was sure he did… but I wasn’t pawsitive . I call Carol & ask her “ did you actually lay your eyes on Angus when you left the house… No Sorry. I pull a U-turn cuz I know I have to be 100% pawsitive & drive back to SAINTS … and now the real purpose of this post…

It was so unbelievably peaceful & quiet I had to pinch myself to ensure I hadn’t fallen asleep & was dreaming this whole thing.. I snuck in the front gate… no one barked.. Bibi asleep on a Kuranda in the outside run didn’t even open his eyes… I softly open the gate to the big dog area.. no one barks… I slowly open the sliding door.. no one barks.. I tip-toe through the big room over to Carol’s room and slip open the gate .. no one barks. I am relishing in the sight of a dozen little dogs standing on the bed or around the room, eyes looking at me & wagging their tails..and no one is barking. I spot Angus right away, he gets up to greet me & I reach down to touch him & tell him I love him. I give a few brief pets & Kisses & make it back to opening the sliding door… when someone realized what was up & a few dogs barked.. but only a couple & for a very brief period. The calmness that was there…what a feeling it gave me inside… a bit surreal & absolutely one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.

Then when I made my way back to my car… I notice Crap.. did I leave the feedroom door open OMG I did !!! The feedroom is behind a locked gate..however when you are dealing with the lousy digestive system of Equines… you need to double & triple your safety measures… So perhaps the nagging in my brain was not about Angus… but the Feed room door. In any case…all was well that ended well & I will always remember my afternoon at SAINTS when it seemed like the whole world stood still.