Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2011

the book got shipped today! it will be here i 1-3 days!!!
here is the link to the first 25 pages preview (it is 160 pages total)...please note this is the first draft...i will fix a few things up once i get the sucker in my hands, then we can order it not order it yet..wait til i fix the mistakes cuz once it is done i will be deleting the first draft.



i think someone at blurb might have got kind of weepy too...there is an ink bleed that suspiciously looks like a tear stain in the middle of rose"s story. and since a couple fo people at work kind of got teary at that story too..i am thinking it might be a tear stain.
the book might have been baptised by a tear already...i think that is kind of cool.

Bunny Horne

OMG what a great job you've done.
Brent is buying a book.
Bunny is buying a book.
We can hardly wait.


dont worry mo, i dont have pms and i was still weepy seeing sissy and rose. cant wait to get the book!


Whoo Hoo... I think I am more excited than I was as a 8 year old on christmas eve... it looks fantastic !!!!

Seeing some of the ones who have passed ( Sissy exspecially ) did bring tears to my eyes... but some of that may be PMS :-)

Cheryl Stef

where do we order a copy? Looks so beautiful and that was just 25 pages...


My gosh, just from the few pages I can see it is going to be beautiful. I can't wait to get a copy


Can't wait for the book! I love the picture of Nina too. Yes, please bring a copy to Pub night if you have it by then


very cool! if its there thurday bring it with you foor me and sheila to look at.