Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2011

her postmortum showed she was full of cancer...the spots in her kidneys and on the pancreas wouldn't have shown up on xray, they were too small. but the lesions in her lungs probably would have. we didn't xray her lungs cuz that was not the areas of concern at the time. sadly katie had been sick with too many things for far too long.

her final bill was $1800 and something...thank you again to everyone...katie at least had people behind her who really cared. i will pick up a windchime for her tomorrow and hang it for her with the rest of our guys.



my feelngs exactly. sorry to have to do this but i will not be out to saints sat morning. have my children passing through from fraser lake in the am for brunch. hope someone else can cover me but will see all on sat night. the book looks great from the viewing of it am axcited to see it.

Barbara T

Run free sweet Katie and know that you had a family that cared and valued you. Even though we did not get to meet you, you are and will always be a member of saints.