Rescue Journal

just quick updates again...sorry!

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2011

all this week hillndale has had students in volunteering so they invited us to send two of our guys in each day for bathing and grooming...yay! 10 of our saints guys had a spa day..they all look really great!!!!

mystic had her pre-spay bloodwork today...hopefully all is well. but i am worried...i thought she was a bit different last night and today..i am hoping i am just paranoid!

sherlock had his 8 week follow up xrays...the fractured vertabrae is healing but he is not yet ready to start bombing around. shit! he really needs to be bombing around! anyway as long as it is calm in here...he can wander around in the kitchen and computer room...but no jumping, no playing and no goofing around. he can also go for short and very calm leash walks, if someone wants to brighten up his days a bit now.

molly's leg tumor looks horrid..we are switching her to baytril now. but i am getting really worried about her is not bugging her much but fly season is coming soon...and i don't want to lose her because of god damn freaking fly season. if we have to lose her, i want it to be her time to go.

we are trying mac out of his holding cage...we just have him loose but shut in the back cat room. so far so good. i will try him maybe tomorrow with his having free access to all of the rooms.

new arrival i think coming in tomorrow, i will need to get set up for her first thing in the morning...her name is crosby and she was found 4 years ago along side of the highway, she has been a family pet since. she is developing catarcts now and she has a bad leg. she recently had some trouble with bylaws and neighbors and now needs a safe and comfortable place to live.
sigh...saints welcomes our very first turkey.




and don't forget the rocking chair cushion.....that was a vital part of it.
And yes, the rocker was in front of the tv so perhaps you may have to consider cable ;-)


but how do we hook the tv up lol i think i may have a little chair will look today.


my sister had one that used to come into their house and sit in a chair in front of the tv....i thought this was just unique to her turkey...but maybe in general they happen to like a comfortable home too?
shit! i think that house is too small to actually furnish. i wonder if a small childs rocking chair would be acceptable?....oh! i saw some great little and washable barbie chairs at fields a few months ago when i was looking to furnish phoebe's closet...i wonder if they are still there?!


You will love a turkey!!!!
Our family friend had a pair and if they ever left the back door open they would go inside, both get into the rocking chair and spend the afternoon rocking.
They are awesome - they follow you around like a dog.


well luckily the ex-dog-goat-pig-goat again pen is empty and it has a great little soon to be turkey house with a front porch for crosby to enjoy!

Barbara T

Only at saints do you find accomodations and care for all animaals, welcome Crosby, you have no idea of how good you are going to have if.


I'm sorry for laughing but it just burst out of me upon reading that last sentence. Saints is a wonderful place.