Rescue Journal

the perfect ending to a tough day...

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2011

the turkey did not arrive..not sure if and when she will. i hate being on the hook for an animal...someone else might need that space that i already set aside for the new girl. do i hold it? i let someone else in..well since no other actual turkeys or barnyards are requesting it at this particular minute..i guess it doesn't matter right now.

mystic's bloodwork is back...minor changes BUT she has gone from normal kidney values to minor kidney problems so i guess things are starting to get rough for her kidneys now. i don't even want to think about this so i am blocking it right out of my head.

we think lahanie had a small stroke. we had the vets out. while i was holding him and picking around in his coat, i saw he had lice again. shit! and damn! we must not have gotten it all like we thought. this time we are going to do the oral ivermectin, screw the dry kill powder crap...we will go for the internal stuff.

ellie was not properly locked into her stall last night and she got out into ziggy's area and then pushed her door shut so she couldn't get back into her own bed.. neither one was very happy..i think they both spent quite a stressful and unhappy night....i put them to bed tonight and assured them both that the door was closed tightly AND locked!

jesse had to go into the vet first thing today..he is in the midst of a nasty vestibular episode. poor jess feels like absolute shit and i feel really bad for him too!

you really do not want to screw around with the saints volunteers. do not throw down the gauntlet and expect to win. i said i would only adopt phoebe if they raised over $10,000.00 for the pub night so they went out and did it. and then to add insult to injury, they made me wear a phoebe shirt and a phoebe be-dazzled vest!

they made me sign the papers at the pub (probably so i could not skip out of town.) phoebe has now offically joined my personal family along with dixie-chick, frodo, daphne and maude.

you probably think so what is the difference? she is going to live the rest of her life with me anyway. well the difference is, i no longer have the oft dreamed of possible option as a rescue of euthanizing a RED PAIN IN THE ASS...the little red whirling wonder for better or worse is now part of my family FOREVER cuz i can't knock off my actual family members...too bad!
and...oh yay..i can just see laura doing the tours now...phoebe running around and barking like a total freakoid and laura smiling and saying...oh yes, and that is carol's personal dog. (please tell folks she came like this and i had nothing to do with her getting all screwed up!)

sigh, in retrospect..i should have said they had to raise 20 grand.
i guess i need to take her out for breakfast to celebrate tomorrow...phebes hasn't been to mcdonalds for a very long time.

last year they tried to shave my head, this year they made me adopt the little red hag, they are talking about making me get a tattoo next year...when they all know...i do not do tattoo's.
hmmm.....i think next year should be about tormenting the midas touch guys have to raise at least $15,000 or you have to all tattoo phoebe's face on your collective ass.

i think that is fair!

anywho....awesome job everyone and big thanks to everyone who chipped in for this and for those who were able to come (it was a sold out night!)...almost 12 thousand is pretty damn amazing for a pub night..i am actually stunned that you pulled this off!!!!!! we will get those crazy vet bills under control yet and phoebe is now (shudder) a much loved hine!



I would like to congratulate the entire Hine family on their new addition, I'm jealous she's a great kid. Phebes now has a mom and many siblings to care for her needs and take her on McDonalds outings. I bet she will spice up the holidays and your family get togethers.
Also a Phoebe tattoo would not be totally opposed. Find the right picture and the right spot and it would be a nice addition.
Carol you looked good in your new Phoebe shirt, say the word and you can have one for everyday of the week.


"I can't knock off my actual family members" Do I hear Jenn breathing a sigh of relief?

Bunny Horne

Carol, I know you are probably trying to pick all the bejeweled gem stones off your new vest, but never fear --- should it become lost or damaged Brent retained a copy of the pattern and WE have lots of replacement crystals to recreate it. Just a tip - do NOT wash in hot water and do NOT put it in the dryer. These are hot fix stones and the heat of the washer or dryer "might" loosen the stones.... Don't trip over any Saints sprinting to the laundry room.....


had a fantastic time! and i actually won something, which never happens.


Yes well done everyone I always love the pub night because it is a lot of fun and it is really about the volunteers who all did a great job of raising those pledges. It was nice to see everyone dressed up and it was good to chat. Had fun and raised funds. Great night.


Hey Carol, Sheila did a quick count tonight. The money raised for you to adopt PHOEBE ROSE HINE does not include ticket sales and the silent auction. Your volunteers raised just over $14,000 for the SAINTS. Way to go SAINTS volunteers!!!

Also, I think your idea of the volunteers having to get tattoos (not necessarily on their butts though)if they don't raise donations for you to tattoo your butt is a good idea. That should give them incentive.