Rescue Journal

yes or no...

Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2011

i just sent off three "no, sorry, no can do..." emails. 2 dog and i think there are still half a dozen or more that are buried that i have to unbury and say no to too.

folks probably wonder how i decide who if anyone gets in when we are this full.

i prioritize. i have in my head a suffering and absolutely needs help is personal for me and maybe not the same as someone elses. the animal could be suffering in a pound or a shelter of physical ailments and the facility is not able to spend their very limited budgets on really old, sick, unadoptable animals that stand little chance of finding a home. or they could be suffering from just the extreme trauma of being confined in shelter kennels/cages...these are pretty hard places for really old animals to have to live. or they could be from family homes where their emotional or physical needs are being badly neglected...whatever or where ever their suffering comes from, it needs to be addressed asap and i try to find room for them here.

i also have a moral and honor bound thermometer that comes into play too. so if i have been contacted about an animal before and i agree to let saints be their last resort and another option comes forward but then doesn't work out....saints stands by the offer and remains again the animals last resort. i can't make that offer for them just go away. it is not like use us now, right this second or they are now forever shit out of luck. i appreciate if another option was sought out and then given a really good try...not the anyone's fault if it doesn't least everyone tried.

and of course if we happen to have an open spot that will work for an animal in the empty and easy to make into a turkey house space...well that is just easy.

and once in awhile, there is no real just somehow becomes highly emotional for me...there is something about a particular animal or the struggles of their particular family, that really gets to me and then i make them too a high priority.

sadly today...three got turned away (and a few more when i finally dig up their emails.) i feel like crap but even i know we can't help everybody...only a few here and there.



I am thankful that for whatever reason, you took in Nudge and Jenny Two (senior owner surrender) and that those cats found a home with me. Update for Nudge is that she is no longer on cisapride and just has a tsp of peg powder in her Fancy Feast. Jenny Two's bad ass personality has unfortunately somehow managed to live on in my hole-in-the-heart kitten Hercules (God help me, I knew that cat would find a way back in from the grave!).