Rescue Journal

crosby the turkey arrived today.

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2011

my first look at her in the back of her people's car filled me with such sadness. her feet are deformed..they reminded me of my patients with chronic rheumatoid arthritic hands. except crosby's feet are deformed because at her original turkey farm..they cut off the ends of each of her toes. they do this so the birds do not cut each other with their nails in the close and overcrowded confines of the commercial barns. she was also de-beaked, but her family told me it has grown back to a certain degree. she is blind in her right eye and has a damaged leg from a previous injury..she doesn't move around much anymore. at 4 or 5 years old...she is ancient for a commercial bird.
i called the vets today and they kindly figured out a dose of metacam for her. i am wondering if with a low dose of an NSAID, if she might be more comfortable and move around a bit more. it is worth a try and hopefully it works. we left her shut in today, to get used to her new house and to not get too stressed from too many changes too fast. i will open her up for a bit tomorrow while i am here and keep an eye out for how she is doing.

floyd has made the move to his new pen. he really wants to be back with his friends but that is not going to happen. at least now he can see them and talk to them thru the fence. there is still some work to be done, and i think i will be eventually be opening up between the other empty pen so that he has a lot more room. but first i want to re-seed it and grow some grass for him.

and speaking of grass..the time is fast approaching to start working on the fields and lawns again...i will give it some thought and come up with a plan over the next couple of weeks and hopefully can start on it soon.

little tyke is making the adjustment..and it is a big adjustment for him. living with a single senior and suddenly landing at saints, is a pretty big change in his world but he is doing great!

marvin ate a little bit for me that is good. just another day until his surgery and then things should really start feeling a lot better for him.

the ferrier was here today so all of the goats and horses had their feet trimmed. she said gideon is looking better than she has ever seen him and for us to keep up the great work! it just makes me so happy inside that he is doing so well. that little pony has a ton of life stamina...he is determined that he is going to live every single day of his life well. 35 years young and still going strong...that is our amazingly special little white knight!


Bunny Horne

Carol, I will bring my calendar with me on Sunday - I would have to juggle vacation days amongst those of my colleagues - and there's lots of days already booked out in April. But we can figure out something I'm sure. There's definitely vacation time available in May that I could book out soon.
Also this BUNNY DON'T do Easter so Good Friday we are free to come work on site if there is a special project. You and Jenn can slot that time aside already if it works for you.

Bunny Horne

Morning, Carol, let's talk about some of those yard chores.... I just anniversaried at work and have 5 weeks vacation again. I could take a vacation day here or there to come out and do some extra tasks. Let's see what you have and if it's something that Brent and I or me alone can undertake to get started on. See you on Sunday.