Rescue Journal is a done deal.

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2011

dixie will be picked up by the horse transport tomorrow morning and moved to her new boarding home. i checked out the place last night on my dinner is small, clean, nothing fancy. but i really like the lady who runs it AND i really liked how peaceful and content and well cared for that the other horses were. this place is right on my back road route between home and work so i can easily stop in every day to check on her. the vets will be there tomorrow to check dix out and update her vaccines which are due in april anyway.

and i just want to talk a minute about where dixie is coming from because there is a reality here. these racetrack horses are part of a business and being part of a business can mean many things. but the bottom line is humans use these horses to make their livings...and at some point the horses cost more than they make. and that is when certain decisions have to be made.

now dixie is lucky because she is in a stable where her folks know that not only are they running a business, but happen to care for the horses too. so this stable gives them a chance at finding a new life if they can..but if it doesn't pan out then the hard decsion is cannot survive in the racing industry and not be somewhat practical too.

so while her owners could have made some money by selling her to the meat brokers..they chose instead to let her go into rescue at no cost..just happy that she has a home. as far as jane goes, the other horse....the owner said she will take jane with her and wait for a spot with greener pastures now that dixie and another horse have places to go.

so for now all ends well this time around. and i have learned my lesson to just say no without even a second thought the next time someone in the racing industry contacts me. but for this one time only ...saints welcomes red something? dixie something?

i will be waiting to meet her tomorrow when she reaches her new boarding home and maybe by then i will remember her full name.



Please don't be a Red Whirling Wonder Dixie... we have a red whirling wonder already... Oh No... Carol owns her now. Lol


i am not understanding. is dixie staying at her original home for now or did you find her a new home and they are boarding her for saints. either way she is one lucky little horse. i would really miss esther and her very noticeable prescence at saints but it would be wonderful for her. i am not really remembering misty. bad lynne. run her by us again.