Rescue Journal

what's with the rain?

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2011

it has been down pouring all night...i tried to sleep in cuz that is what we are supposed to do on days like today but unfortunately the dogs do not know this and are all wide awake.

misty's foster dad is willing to take on another long term foster dog....i am thinking esther might be a good match for them both.
one of the rescues has asked us to take on a 4 yr old fat dog with mobility issues and suspected hip dysplagia that is currently in crises about something or other (it is too early this morning and i forget why he is losing his home.) so i will call the owner about him later on.

little tyke is quite the barker...this morning he has way too much to say.

i am still dithering around about that horse..i actually have all the peices of a plan set up so we can help her...i just have to make the final phone calls to set it all in cement. the best case scenario goal would be to get her safe, buy her some time and then find her a really good home. worst case scenario is the great home never happens and when we have room, we move her to saints. both plans have their downsides and ripple effect on our life...i really don't have to ask dixie if the downsides are worth more than her life. but the next biggest impact here is going to be on my life. more worrying about bills to pay...another life to be responsible for..and finding the time to pop in and see her each day to make sure she is doing ok and she knows she is now a much loved saint.

the real problem with me is...apparently i am pretty good at pulling decent "this horse will NOT be on a slaughter truck in 48 hours" plans, out of my ass. and then what? once i know we can do it...decide it is better to not? is the knowing and doing in rescue that pretty much sucks.



maybe the little fat dog can hang out with our big bud and bud can show him the ropes lol

Bunny Horne

I just received my two copies of UNBREAKABLE SOULS. I just showed it to a coworker and she's planning on ordering one.


when i read how this little horse will die (after giving her all to someone for her thus far short life) first i threw up and then i cried for an hour. it is so very easy for me to sit here a gazillion miles away in wretched chattanooga, tn and say in my head "you can do it for her, carol" when i don't even have any $$$$ to send to you for her care. not at all easy for you who do so much for so many to make room for "just one more" when on any given day of the week the "just one more" list probably has a thousand animals on it.