Rescue Journal

ok..i ordered in 27 books...

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2011

the total for each book plus taxes and shipping came to $61.00. make sure you tell me when you pick up the book what you paid cuz the folks who paid at the pubnight paid far too much...and the paypal folks paid a little too much...but we will sort it all out with refunds when you pick up your book from saints. they should be delivered in about 10 days or so....a bigger order will take a bit longer to produce and ship i would think.

anyone else who wants a book from now on will have to order it directly from blurb books.
also...jenn... i fixed a bunch of typos this time around again...thx meghann! (damn comma's and periods look the same to my bad eyes!) so the link on facebook doesn't work anymore...but i changed the one on the blog.


Bunny Horne

Carol, I remitted $65 via paypal for Lorraine Curr - she will not want a refund.

Brent wants to know if you have any "special" tasks for him on Sunday in the event he doesn't get to see you. At pub night it was mentioned that the gate to the Memorial Garden needs some adjustment so it closes - that's on his list. If it's not a problem I think we should secure Gilbert, Chewy and Edith's water bucket so they don't dump it in the night.
So get your list ready - it is supposed to be spectacular on Sunday so a great day to do chores and hang with the Saints.