Rescue Journal

the vets came and xrayed lahanie's foot...

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2011

it is a deep abcess high up in the hoof. he cut it back as far as he hopefully it starts to drain.

mo..please give him one of the tiny scoops of bute tomorrow with his breakfast.

i went and saw dixie on my way back into work and took her some apples and for a short walk in the riding arena. much brighter and interactive and interested in things today. she spooked a little, a couple of times, when cars went by on the road. i think she is doing well....she is definitely more aware and reactive of everything around her. today she looked like a wondering horse, finding her place in this new world.
i think she will be a fiesty little girl once she gets stronger and feels she has a say in her life.

i picked up marvin from the vets tonight...he actually looks better (his mouth is much less swollen) but he thinks he still feels like shit. it will take him a few days to get used to feeling better...he has felt like crap for so long, he probably now expects to always feel the same. this is the problem with long term agonizing takes awhile for them to really believe it is actually going away.

todays weird events...

mo called me in a minnie had tried to jump jesse and then fell to her side gasping with her tongue hanging out. they were ready to rush her right to the vet cuz they thought she was dying. i think she has a cardiac thing going on so that when she overexerts herself she ends up paying for it for awhile. anyway..apparently the same thing happened when she jumped blue the other day and since she recovered quickly, i told mo not to worry...and today she recovered pretty quick too. she has a vet appointment next thursday if she doesn't kill herself trying to kill the other dogs before then. i think she is pretty funny..totally wrecked and totally incapable of being the bad ass she wants to be but... still she is going to try to kick someone's ass!.... sigh...the barn human crew didn't think she was all that funny when they were having a freaking cardiac event right along with her.

everyone was pretty upset on behalf of little tyke dare his previous owner de-bark him!?
sigh again...except tyke isn't de-barked...apparently he developed laryngitis from barking too much after i left for work today...what a doorknob!

and finally zoe came out of my bedroom at noon and said..."hey? who is that big puffy dog who looks just like peluchi only way bigger?" was peluchi..diana had just bathed and blow dried him and he turned into a much bigger and puffier dog....apparently we now have the ability to remake old small dogs into new bigger and puffier dogs.
K9 make overs are now available at diana directly to book your pooches bigger and puffier look!



Well, Giant Peluchi is pretty cute. I have to say that he is the easiest dog I have ever bathed - such a good boy.