Rescue Journal

we are going to go ahead with mystic's spay

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2011

the vet said there is no risk to her in doing it now in the very, very early stages of her kidney problems. it makes sense because we spay/neuter and do necessary dentals and tumor removals on extreme seniors with much poorer kidney function and they do ok.

and my reason behind doing it is 2-fold. we do not know how long mystic will live. i would prefer not to have to deal with a dog in heat (and laying on my bed!) over the next couple of years. AND i don't want mystic's life decisions to be made based solely on her death looming ahead.

if i am going to get thru this with her without feeling sad every day, then when she is feeling healthy and well, i need to accept and embrace that she is feeling happy and well today. i am telling myself that for now she is a normal and happy puppy and i will treat her as such while in the hidden parts of my mind, i know this will probably change...but i am ignoring this for now...that is how we all will get thru one day at a time and not worrying about tomorrow.

anyway..the point of all of this...
mystic goes in for her spay on monday at the end of the weekend warriors day on sunday (like when she gets shut in the house and away from the mud!) i wonder if someone would mind giving her a bath?
the last time she went to the vet she was a muddy mess (ooops...she went for a (mud) run just before we had left.)
so monday am i would like to deliver to the clinic, a puffy and clean white puppy before her surgery if i possibly can!

any takers on bathing the puffy white puppy on sunday at the end of her happy and mud filled day?



bunny...remind me to talk to you tomorrow..i have a paper/promoting a particular adoptable animal project that maybe you are interested in taking on???


Hey Sunday house guys: I am now able to come tomorrow afterall. One of my relief staff came thru for me. Yay!!! So, I'm sorry for causing any rearranging for the weekend volunteers - I really didn't see any way that I'd be there, and wanted to give as much notice as I could - but I'll see "whoever" tomorrow morning. I'm happy about it.


I can bath Mystic after I finish the other baths tomorrow :) Do you mind if Belle comes again to play with Mystic? (Pre-bath of course!!y

Bunny Horne

Morning, Carol, just cleaning up kitty pee at my own home. Brent and I don't mind cleaning the white puffer-mellow tomorrow if another warrior can give us the tips on where etc. I take it - the dog wash station in the utility building?
If someone more experienced in washing than pooper scooper chimes in you can count on us. Have a super day. It should be super the sun just popped out.