Rescue Journal

i could have slept til noon today if i didn't have to work (or live at saints.)

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2011

i just watched squirt hop up from his bed that he is sharing with suzie...pop over across the room to lift his leg and piddle a bit on sidney and then skip back to bed with suzie to lay his head on her like a pillow and go back to sleep.
that dog has no social skills. it is not a dominenece thing..i think it is his way tho of blessing his best friends with a few drops of his happy little squirt family pixie dust-pee.

occasionally i wonder what goes on in his head....but most days i am glad i can't see...some of these animals thought processes are just too twisted for me. is not pissing down rain outside...what a nice change!

mystic was very quiet last puppy antics at all..minnie-me was beside herself with no one to push all of her buttons and turn her into the toothless vicious dog so she just barked for about an hour at nobody til she finally got tired and fell asleep.

geez..i wish i wasn't working today....



Carol- I mentioned in another comment that I'm low on insulin again just in case you didn't see that one... I feel like I'm constantly hitting you up for insulin!! Lol but another thing, do you mind if I take Sugar for a glucose curve on Thursday? Her numbers were good last month and said she didn't need to come in for 3 months but she's been whining/barking in the night and seems overly thirsty... she's always thirsty but more than normal she drank half of her HUGE water bowl last night. Just want to make sure nothing has changed...