I dream of ....

Jenn  ·  Apr. 5, 2011

I dream of a genie that will give me three wishes: watch the newest SAINTS video, vote for SAINTS every day until Jun 19 in the Shelter Challenge, and order a beautiful hanging basket in the plant sale. Follow below to grant my wishes.

1. Watch the newest SAINTS video for your warm and fuzzy moment of the day:

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2. Vote for S.A.I.N.T.S. Mission BC Canada for a chance for us to win some $$$$. *add this link to your favs.

3. Spring is here (apparently) order a beautiful hanging basket for only $25 all proceeds will benefit SAINTS, FVHS, and Elizabeth's Wildlife rescue.

more info posted here:
or Contact Julie and Moneca Phone: 604.826.3290 Email:

BONUS: mark off your calender and please join us--brings friends and family to our Open House which is June 25 and 26 this year.



very observant Suzanne. I think Carol could speak more to Lehanie's personality but he is a bit of a barn jerk and likes to boss the others around and get his own way. He has never harmed anyone and he is a very clear communicator and mostly that is "move I am coming through, get outta my way now" and gideon and czar are toally best friends so where ever one goes the other follows.


just rewound and watched it again.... had to see Larry and Ziggy again.
The only thing I know about horses is that they completely terrify me, but I was a teacher for 25 years and thus spent a lot of time on playgrounds. A fair amount of kid-type behaviors can and do translate to animal behaviors. in the video it sort of looked as though Gideon and Czar were trying to "ditch" Lahani... i've seen the "let's loose the dweeb/bitch/whatever" played out many times and it surely looked like that was what was going on. funny because if that was what was going on it is, in fact, so totally child-like... sad that Lahani apparantly brought that on himself.

Angela H.

Oh and Annabelle loved it! She was smiling and squealing and got very upset when it was over. It was so cute!!

Angela H.

Great video! My fav. part was at the beginning when the cats were being so friendly with each other. So cute!