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Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2011

i don't think i have one anywhere...what would i write about myself? it would have to be the truth. "middle aged, crazy woman, with sticky up hair, has so many animals, she doesn't know what to do?" some of the various blog profiles i read and i, you sound really cool. sadly, my profile wouldn't sound the least bit cool.

oh..maybe this is because...i really am not very cool.

oh well.

griffin pooped 50 million times all over the dog room. i need to go clean that up before i go out to grab breakfast and moss killer....but i want to finish my tea first.
that bottom field has gone moss crazy! i can't even see any grass any more. i guess i better fix it. the barn guys need to move down there soon...i am worried there is not enough time to kill off the moss and grow the new grass before we have to move them.

i guess i could add obsessive moss killer and grass grower to my profile too...but i still don't think that sounds very cool.

sigh...well.... this not so cool chick better go clean up a whack of griffin pooh.



sorry but something has come up and i am not going to be able to make it in sun morning. hope there are enough people to help. carol i need to bring my book back and ask if you wll sign it. what a lovely lovely book and thanks for not blaming me for coppers death. i still and always will feel deeply saddened that his life ended in my care. but he really was a little food theif with attitude. lol miss him lots.


I think you are one cool gal.I am sure those bed buddies think you are one in a million.


You are COOLER than you think. Betcha the house buddies think you're cool too cause you've picked up 50 million Griffin poops.

Any idea if you need weekend warriors for Good Friday?