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Meet the Newbies

Jenn  ·  Apr. 11, 2011

The last 2 weeks have seen a lot of new arrives. Meet the newbies:


What I know about her so far: She likes Carol's pillow, she is quite and sweet but she is runner. So one must keep eyes on her at all times. Which isn't hard when she is such a cutie.

Tiny Tim

What I know about him so far: He is tiny and cute but not very bright and he is obsessed with Floyd. They spent all day at their mutual fence looking and copying one another's movements. Little Tim is also a very lucky ducky because he escaped being nearly chomped on by a Rotti in his former home.


What I know about him so far: He has had a tough life and been in pain for along time. His full dental surgery took 4 hours. He is starting to feel better and really, really loves his Temptations treats.


What I know about him so far: He barked so much his first few days here he lost his voice and he was a lot quieter this weekend. He loves to attention and to be wherever the action is.


What I know about him so far: He was saved from being someones dinner by his former family who cared for and loved him for 4 years but a bylaw compaint forced them to give him up. He loves his house and is not afraid of the rain or my camera. I think we are going to get along very well. **update Croby is actually a she :)

Garfield (aka by Tammy as Frankie)

What I know about him so far: He is a serial bed hopper. One moment he is in his bed and the next he has taken over Cali's second bed. Yes she gets two beds because she likes to have a spare. Then he is over trying out Jake's bed. I think we should call him Goldie Locks. But he is a very mellow cat and I think Garfield suites him, even though Tammy thinks he is a Frankie.

PS: He already has Tammy wrapped around his paw.

Minnie Pearl

What I know about her so far: She has already fallen deeply in love with Carol. She desperately wants to jump the other dogs but is currently hampered by a spinal arthritic thing which makes her fall down. She has a unique high pitched bark that makes me smile. Once her pain is under control she is going to be trouble but I think we all already fallen for her.


What I know about her so far: She is beautiful, loves apples, and dreams of being able to freely graze in a field of grass. She was an ex-race horse that had a spiral fracture, was bred for one foal and then was on her way to the meat man when her caregiver asked SAINTS to take her. She is only 7 and will soon be home at SAINTS in less than one week.

Harry (or as I like to call him Prince Henry)

What I know about him so far: He is a purring machine and reminds me of Eddie (RIP) so I already love him lots.

For all of these photos and MORE please visit the SAINTS Facebook page. Lots of great photos from the not so new guys too.



Harry is identical to my cat, Panda! When I saw his picture, I did a double take. The only difference is my Panda is blind in one eye.


Yes, Garfield/Frankie is a great cat. He slept on my lap for about half an hour today. He also seems to get along with the other cats and Granny wasn't too grumpy with him. Not only does he have the greatest eyes but I am a softie for the orange tabbies.
This guy had me at meow.


a century or so ago the lore of the Sioux went like this: when someone close to you, be it friend or family, goes away or dies it is because someone else is coming. that thought is what came immediately to mind when you lost Lahani with Dixie boarding right down the road. it must be divine providence as the timing is to exquisite to have been accidental.


and what you obviously do not know about some of them is...crosby the turkey is a she not a he and henry is not henry, he is actually harry!
but other than that...great photos, great write ups...great job!

Angela H

As always everytime you or your mom write about a new cat I want to take them home!!