Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 11, 2011

........the dog bolted out of the car and took off into the woods. He lives in Stave Lake Road somewhere, I forget the exact address … I realize Stave Lake Rd is huge, but maybe if you have a network of people out there you could let them know that a small black and white border collie is on the loose and to keep an eye on him? He’s a tiny little guy, kinda scared of people. I let Mission AC know too.


Kathryn Witter

We have (been) found a small tannish/red and cream colored dog. Has medium length hair with a curly tail. He has moved into our unused barn and unfortunately we haven't been able to get close to him as yet. He has a color and what appears to be a silver tag. He was first seen leaving the barn on Sunday the 4th of November. If this is your dog please call 604.814.0670.