Rescue Journal

awwww man.

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2011

i am in the midst of a major back spasm. it took half an hour to get out of my bed, to the bathroom, to the kettle and into this chair, another 15 minutes before i could reach on to the key board...i can't bend..and i can't even lift a mop out of a bucket...this just totally sucks. plus it stinks around me as i am drinking my tea and i can't do anything about it at all...the puddles and piles have to wait til the spasm lets go. the dogs keep jostling me for their good morning attention..."oh you guys..please...ouch.... don't."
i took the tylenol arthritis is all i can take if i am going into work...just sitting here spasming and waiting to see if this will get me up and mobile....totally bad form to call in sick on the day before your holidays begin.

the worst part is i can't reposition larry...and he needs positioning badly! moron sherlock has destroyed the laundry room...shit 15 minutes more and i will have to call into work...come on spasm..let freaking go!!!!
sorry for whining..but this weekend dixie is coming...i have to get both prudence and prince to the vets, i absolutely have to spread the 15 25 pound bags of moss killer around down in the bottom field and i would actually like to responsibly finish off my last day at work today before i start my holidays....i cannot afford a major back episode right now.

blah, blah, blah..i will shut up and suffer and worry in silence now.
sigh, ran out of get moving time..i just called in at least i can go for the muscle relaxants and see if those will help me to move again.



thx but no to the grass seed..we use a special low land pasture seed from the ag is specifically for wetter land. and yes there is a spreader here somewhere ko plus the tractor has a spreader attachment too....and i believe there are a couple of hand held spreaders somewhere in the shop too.

Bunny Horne

Brent says weather forcast is rain for Saturday and cloudy with a chance of rain on Sunday.

Scott's grass seed is 21.79 for 4KG @ Costco. If you need some let me know and we will bring it with us on Sunday.

Bunny Horne

Do you need any additional grass seed? So that's K.O.'s held-hostage family, Brent, MOI after my barn buddy duties are done. We need to get you some different kind of grass to occupy your mind.


I have been recruiting family members to help clean up the lower field for sat or sun. I know there is a time table to get it done so here's hoping for a sunny weekend to make things go a little easier! Do you have a spreader thingy that you can push to spread the moss killer? We have one and I will try and locate another one.


yes, he can do it sunday...and thx very much. i just have this growing grass critical time table running thru my head and i totally freak myself out....get that bottom field fixed and grown well...move the barn guys down and then fix the upper field before we lose the rain (and all of our water) in june.
sigh..where good grazing grass growing is concerned time can and always does run out....

dear god...we just need one extra month of rain, into mid big a deal is that?!

Bunny Horne

Carol, can't Brent spread the moss killer on Sunday???? That's only two days away. Don't kill yourself. I know you want the field to be perfect, but seriously we can deal with it in TWO days - mean while you can take care of everything else like repositioning yourself and Larry. We don't need to be hooking an winch onto Dixie and having her pull you up out of the field - DO WE?


i'm sure you are familiar with the wonderfulness of xanax re dispelling back spasms.