Rescue Journal

it was one of those days at saints today...

Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2011

one of those really good ones.

it is a gift to be surrounded by wonderful people, wonderful animals every which way you turn.
i missed turnout today cuz i was in town picking up a few things...shavings for the bunnies etc. but mo said dixie came out and just exploded...head and tail up, trotting her beautiful pace..excited to start a new day in her brand new home. mo also said she is a kind horse. and she is...she has now met everybody in her new barn yard family and she is good with it all.
she was cooperative and easy at bedtime...just slip the lead rope around her neck and in she politely comes for bedtime and dinner. dixie is a super nice and well mannered horse.

while i was putting everyone to bed...harry was calling to me from the outside run. he is discombobulated cuz we put mac back into the holding pen which harry has decided is his. i put him back in thru the window and went to put crosby to bed and before i was even finished...harry was back outside calling to me again. i like harry A LOT..he is a super nice cat...but he definitely knows what he wants.

anyway..i want to watch mac closer but not at harry's expense so i went into the house, brought harry back in thru the window..opened the cage and let mac out but shut them both in that room for a few days. mac is confined so i can watch him and harry can hang out in his beloved cage. and this is how you compromise with needy cats at saints.

it was mo's birthday this weekend so today we all gathered in the backyard for beer, pop and cake. phoebe grabbed the first piece and all of the humans got big pieces to share with all of the dogs. jenn was carrying prudence around and prudence is not shy about asking for more so she grabbed the whole top of jenn's cake for herself.
lil big bud looked a bit disappointed when the party was over, he was hoping a second cake would magically arrive.

my favorite image today was that idiot little mini-me bombing around the upper field with all of the barn guys in there like a freaking maniac...that dog is crazy..but it is a funny crazy...the very best kind.

mystic the little mud-pup enjoyed the cake and party as well. ashley brings her sweet, young dog belle here with her and mystic and belle are now best friends.

2 new volunteers had their first shift..i didn't get a chance to talk to them so i am not sure how they liked it...sadly they were gone by the party time...too bad cuz our back yard party's are the very best!

i said today you couldn't ask for more..great people, sunshine, cake and beer and a bunch of wrecked dogs to enjoy it with. brent got the bottom field spread with the moss killer and KO's family helped clean it all up nicely down there..bunny gave me a pretty greek symbol thing that wards off the evil eye which i am REALLY glad to have!

deb very kindly drove all the way out here with a new dog from vancouver animal shelter. he is a little, wrecked, old, shitz-head named eli. i am an idiot and had forgotten they were coming and had already left for my son's birthday lunch. luckily laura and mo were still here so they were able to get eli settled. thx so much to all of you and esp. deb for bringing him..eli is a REALLY GREAT LITTLE GUY!!!!

so today i had a great time at saints, i finally got to see all of my family again (including annabelle who is still the cutest baby on this earth!) and saints has a new and very adorable sweet was one of those really great days from start to finish.




Happy Birthday Eric..another Aries ( we rule world did cha know?)It was a beautiful week-end.. and maybe I will start liking birthdays , thanks everyone for making mine special.

Bummer I am at work & can't view the pic of Anna belle.. something for me to look forward to when I get home.

Bunny Horne

It was a GREAT DAY - the sun came out. Popeye was laying down. Brent was worried that something was wrong with him, I said "dude, he didn't get to lay down for years - I think he's due". Chewy was having fun thinking I was a battering ram and I will be borrowing Roberto Luongo's pads when we've won the Cup to clean the goat stalls. Thank you Alison for coming to my rescue. Dixie is a delight. She is an absolute joy to watch kicking up her heels and racing around the pasture. Ziggy couldn't get out of there fast enough. Jenn, you've got to get video of Dixie - she is a beauty. I don't know if anyone other than me saw her running like the wind then diving onto the ground where she rolled for a while. I think Dixie is already in love with Carol and SAINTS. And the best part of the day was all the dogs with purple and green icing on their snouts after of course Miss Phoebe tore the end off of MO's cake. Happy Birthday MO.


Brenda was there when we arrived, and made Eli very welcome. He behaved as if he had spent his entire life at SAINTS. Eli really is a little sweetheart, I'm glad he's getting a second chance at some security. You did tell me that you wouldn't be at home after 1:00 (Happy Birthday Eric) and we had planned to be there earlier, but the 25 minute line-up at Tim Horton's (we couldn't come without Timbits) sort of foiled the plan.
Thanks for welcoming Eli. He deserves to be safe and loved.