Rescue Journal

frodo is pissed

Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2011

i have been feeling guilty about him again...he is getting so old...he is lonely, he wants us to spend more time with him (lately...he wants a lot of time!)..he is getting needy. so i finally decided to bite the bullet and take him back to my family last night.
we had the board meeting at the house so i was there for several hours while he toddled around and re-aquainted himself.

i called jenn to see how he was doing this morning and she said..
"well...i am bleeding already."
i guess frodo's bad mood started in the middle of the night and when she walked past him at 2 am, he nailed her. i asked if she had cleaned it up well. jenn said "no...he was between me and the bathroom and i wasn't about to walk past him again....hello?..we have an asshole in the house."

while i was talking on the phone to her this morning, i was he now?
jenn said.."his tail is wagging back and forth..this isn't a good sign, is it?"

i said give him something to eat to distract him..jenn said she already did.

i said "well you can bring him home if you want." but she doesn't have his carrier cuz i brought him without one (frodo rides around in the car without a carrrier cuz he likes going for car rides.) and jenn said she is not letting him loose in her car in case he is still pissed off and attacks her.

hah. you just gotta love frodo..i might have to go in and get him today..apparently he does not like me making important life choices for him.

Frodo the Tyrant (looking for his next victim???)



DOH! Jenn has it exact, of course. i should read the comments before i write.


~chuckles~ the Gentle Tyrant... over all he surveys.... he does make me think of a medieval king. sweet when he wants to be, a bloodthirsty tyrant if the mood takes him.


maybe it's that he wants company, but doesn't want to change his setting?
he wants love, he recognizes the NEED for love, but he wants his outback and room to spread out in. perhaps in being in Jenn's house, he recognizes it's HER house, not his?


I think if I had a body suite and smarties wasn't here we could give him some more time and once he was allowed outside he would be happy here ... but alas no body suite and smarties looked at me like I was crazy bringing in a maniac to her peaceful abode.


oh Bunny I have had many a sleep overs with Frodo in the suite above the shop and he is a love muffin and has never lifted a claw towards me. When he is happy he is a sweet purring machine ... when he is pissed he is a beast that bites. My dad got swiped this morning too. The beast is sleeping right now thank goodness. Mom? rescue ME plz.

Bunny Horne

Is it possible that Jenn is just too yummy to resist. We got to Saints super early on Sunday and I snuggled with Frodo for 30 minutes. He was right tight into my neck and purring up a storm. My own cat won't snuggle like that so it was a treat. Of course I did realize that at any moment he might rip my throat out, but he didn't. He then rumbled around my Kia and used the carpet in the back as a scratching post. I suspect I am not as tasty as Jenn.


I have 6 deep puncture woods,, three long scratches and a large bruise ... thanks to frodo's 2am hissy fit. Things he likes here: couch, window, being snuggled, and having a human servant. what he dislikes ... being moved from his kingdom and smarty pants (my other cat). What he wants is to go home and have said human servant stay with him and look after his needs at his castle (aka shop).

What I want: to keep my remaining blood ... and not have him kill smarty pants.