Rescue Journal

one, two, three..bang my head against a tree...

Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2011

sick call today...that sucked one. dixie is in the beginning stages of colic, that sucks two. angus just got returned, that sucks three.
ahh well what can you do? deal with it...and oh...hmmm..hey!..there is a left over beer in the fridge so i am actually having one!

angus had a nice haircut while he was gone...he may be homeless again but at least he doesn't look homeless any more. angus had an ongoing problem with peeing in the house...he is 14 yrs old so it probably isn't really his fault. it sucks to be an old sucks to live with a new peeing old dog...somethings just don't work out.

anyway..i said to bring him home...frustration is one of those things that can grow and grow...not good for his family, not good for a really old dog...angus is better off to come back here where my "tolerance" is high (as per that other post...i just can't wrap my head around, this being a bad word!) and my frustration is low.

the vet came out on an emergency evening call to look at dixie..i was worried that i was over reacting..she said no..i was right where i should be (yay dionne for clueing so quickly at bedtime that dixie seemed off!). she got her bantamine injection, i got my frequent walking and checking orders for the night and instructions on when to call back if dixie starts going downhill.

i LOVE farm animal vets..they always come when you need them, they help you get thru the night so you don't have to worry and freak out for hours not sure what to do and you don't have to try to get a horse to some 24 hr vet emergency clinic in the middle of the night.
but i do hate going out to the barn every hour or two thru the night..i can stay awake ok..but i hate running into some freaking rat who i swear is just sitting there waiting to give me a massive heart attack.

i still have a couple of stinky loads of laundry to get thru but i guess i will have lots of time tonight to do back is kind of sore tho and so are my feet and hips...too much walking around since 6 am for this old gal....they will probably get more sore when i turn on the barn light and start jumping at some rat inconveniently perched on dixie's stall door who jumps to the ground and runs straight at me!

sigh..i selfishly wish all rats would just disappear from this earth..i wouldn't miss them at all.



i don't know why... but i wish i could bring Romy to visit SAINTs.
He's our indoor goof of a cat. he's been at the door, screaming, wanting to go outside to chase birds. trouble is, he's always been an indoor cat (we adopted him when he was a few years old) and he has NO idea how to manage himself outdoors. the few times he's escaped, he's wandered off as his fancy takes him.
WHY am i so tempted to bring him to the barn and lock him in? because i think he may be excited enough to catch rats.
i've no idea what he would make of the barn animals. LOL
pardon me, guys. this is just some wistful thinking. i wouldn't do it, really.


Val... I am pretty sure we have all learned this in our past.. it was just your turn ..and thank dog you were also honest enough to know it wasn't the right decision and that Angus had SAINTS as his safety net... 1000's out there don't have any safety net and either live a life of hurt or begin the home rotation that eventually leaves them damaged.

Angus hung out at the barn today & we went for several walks.. on his request and I will always have a spot for him in my heart...although carol had to point him out to me... cutie-pie haircut.. he is strutting around like the handsome dude he is.


To Carol, all the volunteers and mostly to Angus: We are so terribly sorry we returned him. He is a very special little guy with a quirky personality and he is such a wonderful snuggle bug (even if he is only wiping his eyes on you). I wish I had the doggy wherewithal to help Angus understand the difference between grass and carpet... without our Makado thinking he should slink away because he might be in trouble too. Makado made it so easy when I adopted him, I guess I just assumed it would be the same with Angus and for that I am truly sorry. I never wanted to take him home only to return him, nor did I ever imagine I would be one of "those people". The people that make rash decision about getting a pet without ensuring they can handle all of the responsibilities. My eyes well over every time I think about our decision and I’m always going to feel that I should have found some way to make it work... Angus is an infectious little chap. He has a special way of melting his way right into your heart and I am so sad that I failed in providing him with the forever home he so desperately deserves.


~just had an image in her head of a wild barn cat's "Reign of Terror" being instituted~
~....maybe he/she could be nicknamed Marat?~


Frodo's too much of an aristocrat to submit to an occupation. perhaps you need a proper "sans coulettes" barn cat mouser?

can you do the laundry on site? maybe i could come and help out- i adore doing laundry., i'm NOT kidding. i really do love it. i used to look forward to going out to do my nan's laundry (and, eventually, our old dog laundry) at the laundromat. (it was too stinky to do at home). i can bring a pair of gloves and have a go.


you should have left him as Fang. who could return a dog named Fang? mind you someone dumped a dog named fang. bah i have no arguement, but i love the name fang.
I spent an hour chasing a wee mouse in my house and i screamed everytime it came in my direction so i couldn't imagine one crossing my path outside in the dark!
keep safe dixie!