Rescue Journal

are you kidding me?

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2011

i open my eyes this morning and what do i see?
ferchrissakes give me a break!

i have discovered the perfect multi-purpose can very comfortably work in it..relax in it, sleep in it and truck out to the barn in it in the snow and the dark...warm sox, rubber boots, pajama pants, oversized t-shirt and a blue polka-dot fleece bathrobe.

thank god we don't have web camera's tho.

dixie is fine, she had a couple of poops..and she wants her breakfast please....all is well.



I bet you looked like a homeless person...

Funny you should ask that question suzanne..cuz i forgot to tell Carol Dixie was in heat & Ziggy insisted on peeing over her pee ... he went back and peed over it a 2nd time to ensure he had it covered..funny boy.

I'm curios too to see how they are tomorrow compared to last week-end... they were very curious..but Czar is quite possessive of Gideon and kept intercepting much close a very gentlemanly way and he tried his best to show his best trot too when she was showing off.


how are the boy horses, neutered though they may be, reacting to having a girl in their midst?


Hey carol, your going hate me but I can't come in today. The doctor says I have a tension headache and I have medication for it but so far its not working :( hopefully you guys can get by without me. Do we work tomorrow?