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Happy Tails Update: Bonnie

Jenn  ·  Apr. 22, 2011

Hi Carol

It's getting close to Bonnie's third year with us and I wanted to let you know that she is doing great, especailly for a girl who might be 15. She has a little dementia now, and is on tramodol and medicam for her arthritis but she loves her long daily walks and going to our cabin a lot to smell otter poo.

Her temper is, well, my husband calls her the living chainsaw, but since she's had the tramadol she's not so snappy. She's still doing her crazy begging and praying for food.

I vote for SAINTS every day on the Pepsi site and on the animal rescue site. Thanks for all you do for the older animals, and for letting me adopt Bonnie. We love her very much.

warm regards




Me too Emma - we should just pack our bags and move to their cabin. We can play by the water with Bonnie.


Yay for Bonnie!! What a cutie.. and what a pose in that first picture. I love senior dogs! (people too) I have said to my hubby many times that whenever we are able to adopt again (we have 4 dogs, all good sized), I hope to adopt a senior in need. How anyone can dump their 12 year old at a shelter is beyond me. Even if my heart is bruised, I would rather be there with my senior pups at the end of their life, so they know nothing but love.


ahhh bonnie...i laughed at the living chainsaw comment and the praying for food..i had forgotten both of those things about her. what i remember was that i really liked her a lot and she was lucky enough to find herself a truly great home..yay bonnie, yay deb and family!


Deborah these photos are precious. This is one lucky dog. I hope I get to spend my later years in such amazing surroundings with folks that care about me.