Rescue Journal

it sucks to be a wrecked senior end of the road much as we want to...we just cannot take them all.

Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2011

sarcee and cowboy were euthanized by their owners yesterday..there was nowhere for them to go. there is not a person involved, either in alberta or here at saints who will not be wishing this had a happier ending for these innocent dogs whose only real crime was in being old and wrecked and in crises at a very bad time.

at some point we as a society have to deal with the issues of the outcomes for senior animals in crises...they have survived a whole lifetime of use by us and yet in the end, there is nothing or no one there to catch them when they stumble and fall and find themselves of no further use to anyone at all.

they deserve better than that.

there are so many unwanted do we help people to want them???.. how do we make seniors such a wonderful national treasure that no home is really complete without one laying by the fire?

rest in peace sarcee and were good old dogs...some day maybe things will be different..but don't come back again as an old dog..its too hard of a life to live happily and well.


Carol Ann

it is so sad about those lovely old dogs. and BRENDA TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.


Hi all! I had plans to go away this weekend (hence not coming to SAINTS), but I blew my back out yesterday and ended up in emergency at the hospital in Hope this morning ( as the cliic is closed), so now I am incapacitated from doing or going anywhere! Murphy's Law continues it's reign. Anyway, I'm so sorry about Sarcee and Cowboy, and Ann - if I'd been there I would have reminded you!! ha ha! (Drugs are a great thing when you're in pain - I'm feelig a bit better now)


This breaks my heart...I love seniors a lot, and many of mine have lived to ripe old age. The only thing I don't like is the realization that their days are numbered, and I always feel like I'm living on the edge with them.

Have the rest of the dogs been placed? I really do think that Sarcee and Cowboy would have had a hard transition to a new home, unless it would have been absolutely a perfect place for them. How I wish someone had come forward with that perfect place. My sympathy goes to the owners, who had to make this difficult's awful when ill health pushes people "up against the wall". I'm retired now and am realizing that.......

"Old age means realizing you will never own all the dogs you wanted to." -- Joe Gores

Ann C

That is really sad. Sorry to be completely off topic but message to Erin, I completely forgot the outdoor cat run today, I had intended to go out there when we were finished in the house but because I operate on half brain power it completely slipped my mind. Actually it's Lynne's fault - as team leader she should have reminded me!!lol. SORRY Erin and cats!