Rescue Journal

larry is basically still down...

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2011

today will be his second cartrophen injection and day 5 of the new meds...i will give this a couple of more days to see if we are getting any significant improvement and if not i will book his euth. he has his own little team of psycho "Misery" type nurses...suzie and squirt are driving him insane at times with their obsessive cuddling, nurturing and licking. right now he is ok with them..they are both curled in and sleeping wrapped around him but when they are awake, he frequently has to tell them to back off and leave him alone for a bit ...geez!...please and thank you so much!!!

today is maudie's last day and i don't want to talk about that right now.

molly is getting close and mandy and bibi are not far away and with the recent losses of lahahnie, little prince, prudence and little mister, i am starting to feel a bit shell shocked.

i could sit here and list all of the reasons why this was a stupid kind of specialized rescue to get into..but i will save you from that.... i think we have all figured this out by now.

i made some minor headway in the shop yesterday thx to the great team of holiday warriors who took care of everything else. i also got the last of the moss killer down...that memorial garden needs some TLC...looks like winter was pretty tough in there....maybe i might have time today for a bit of a clean up if i finish the shop.

dixie was a bit of a prima donna at bedtime last night...she knows what is happening in the feed room and barn already and is getting a little impatient now. i had to laugh when she started banging the gate with her foot to hurry me along..i gave her a piece of apple so now she knows banging on gates works well for being served appetizers while waiting for dinner. this probably was not a great thing to do...but whatever..she has earned the right to ask for what she wants. and... i was glad she was feeling perky and well after her colic the other night.

ellie is a bit pissed at her...dixie has been giving out foot taps and one connected with the pink princess. dixie is much kinder than lahanie was when he first arrived..he whacked out hard and used his foot as a sledge hammer to scatter any and all...she just gives out a gentle suggestion that they get the hell out of her way.

we broke the rest rules on sherlock and let him loose yesterday...he and belle and mystic had a blast being young, stupid dogs....joyful exploding youth is such a treat around here....but the rest of us who are crippled and old try to stay far away from their play...except for joey. he wants in on it and he wants them to knock it off too so he comes across as the school yard bully-cop. sigh...he gets in trouble from me (the school yard moniter) a lot!

well....i have a ton of stuff to do before the vet appointments this afternoon...marvin goes back in also for a re-check...but i am happier with how he is doing so that is good.


Carol Ann

well dixie gets away with this every day of the week--i won't mention any name lol


Maybe Dixie learned that trick from that other horse at the boarding facility? :)


Hi to all SAINTS supporters.
Just a friendly reminder to all who vote in the Pepsi Challenge not to forget over the last few days of this round. Broken Promises Rescue of Victoria, BC could use some help in the $10,000 category.
Carol and volunteers, sorry to hear that so many of your beloved SAINTS are nearing the end of their journey. It must be hard to say goodbye to each of them. Thank you for providing a wonderful home and endless love to them for their last days.


I was telling Brent about Dixie tricking Carol into giving her an apple and guess what, she worked her magic on him too. He gave her an apple yesterday when she was kicking at the fence.


I'm happy to hear that Sherlock finally was able to really play! He must have loved that. - and I have seen the "misery" nurses at work with Larry. He does get quite annoyed. I hope he improves on the meds. I was thinking that there should be another society called SHINTS - Senior Humans in Need Today Society! I would definitely be a member.- but who would run it? Possibly Jenn


Dixie was kicking at the gate yesterday too when Gideon was waiting for MO to hurry up and get lunch ready. I too gave Dixie an apple. Didn't take her too long to train the humans.