Rescue Journal

the phone started ringing while i was in the vets with marvin and maude.

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2011

marvin is good.

maude passed peacefully away and i don't yet want to talk about that right now.

missy (one of our foster dogs) is here for the night. she has an interested family coming to meet us tomorrow..we will see how it goes.

eli went home with carol anne today on trial for a possible permanent foster dog..we will see how he does with harold, sweetie and precious...i really hope it all goes well, it is a great home for him.

larry just got up by himself and had a pee and then toddled on his own back to bed. i have booked appointements for both larry and molly with the vets on monday for assessment and advice. if the vet thinks it is now time for euthanization, i won't be bringing them home again...if he thinks they are doing ok for now then we will go on for a little bit longer. hope floats.

and for the rest of the afternoon and evening the board and i have been messing around about a possible incoming dog. the dog has come and gone back home again..the family are going to think on it some more. and i am just glad to finally have some peace and quiet around here tonight so the dogs can settle and i can think about maude.


Carol Ann

Eli is doing well, a bit overwhelmed. He has found and claimed his own bed. He knows where the door to outside is so no accidents. The others are accepting him. We love him already-- WELCOME ELI!


I doubt we will ever meet another dog like Maude. I will miss her telling me off when I come into the house, but not as much as I will miss the times when she would place her head in my lap and rest it on my knees as I scratched behind her ears. She leaves behind a large gap that will be felt for a long time.


i am so very sorry carol. maude was a very special girl and i am glad i had the chance to say goodbye vesterday. you sure did love your canned dog food and your playtime at the pond. rip.


Carol I'm so very sorry for all your losses. It's got to be enormously tough for you lately. I follow your touching stories about all the animals and their beautiful personalities, and I look at every photo with all their sweet faces. You treat them all with such dignity and respect, it's very moving and very inspiring.
Larry sounds like he is responding to the new meds, you said last week you would try it for 3-4 weeks. Is there anything else that can be done?
And little Molly, how is she doing?
Is there anything more that we readers can do to help?

Ann C

So sorry Carol, Maude was very very special, hugs to you, sweet dreams Maudie.... we will all miss you lots.


What a sweet, special dearheart Maude was... I am so sorry she is gone.


So very sorry for the loss of Maude. She is with friends and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for those loved ones left behind. Rest in peace and may God bless those that feel her loss.


Yay Eli!! He really is just a sweet old guy who deserves to spend the rest of his life in comfort and security.