Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2011

maude was one of those very few dogs who completely overwhelmed me.
when i picked her up from the pound at 14 yrs old..she not only almost poked out my eye but she very nearly killed us both on the drive home to saints. once she got here, she screamed, she yelled, while rolling around on the floor at the same time..she jumped our fences, was caught having sex with the neighbors chained dog and ate more walls in this house than all of the other dogs combined.

i do believe she ate her very last wall at 17 when i mistakenly left her in my bedroom for 2 minutes longer than she wanted to be.

maude left me only two choices...absolutely adore her or knock off this maniac dog licketty-split.

i adopted her at 16 because i honestly thought she was dying...three years later, she is still leading the god damn saints howling choir at 6 am every morning.

yesterday maude was out and about..i watched her trot up the hill looking like a much younger dog. she decided feeding time was happening now so she headed up to the house. even when her brain was totally gone..maude still managed the critical clarity moments to get what she run free as the wind and to eat some canned food.

she was the most amazing girl.

losing her yesterday and not having her here today is terrible for me, and it was also terrible watching her become more and more lost in her own familiar world. maude always knew exactly what she wanted at every single moment and she made sure she always got it too. suddenly at nineteen years old, walking or standing still even, totally confused her.

i don't regret one single second of loving this incredible dog, and i don't regret letting her go yesterday either because i know it was the right thing for her to do.

what i do regret is the loss of all of the laughter, the joy, the absolute light that she brought into my life. that kind of loss is so hard to is irreplaceable. for the past 5 years maude has completely overwhelmed me with happiness every single day...i woke up to silence this morning.


Maud with her easter bunny ears on friday ... but here they look like pink angel wings


Carol Ann

What a beautiful face she had and the howling was the best I've heard.

cathie k

Carol,I'm sorry to read of Maudie's death..I too remember her howl...heard it from the rabbit room...I know she loved you,she seemed to shine brighter around you.Maudie...The times we ran together(on lead)in the school yard were the best Thank You!...I'm not someone who does the rainbow bridge stuff, Maudie, The hymn "Going Home" works for me,your spirit will forever howl and echo around Saints...Cathie k

Elisabeth E

I never met Maude, but if her looks are anything to go by, I have a male version of Maude in my Simon. He's from the SPCA (probably a reserve dog) and has caused me so much grief and joy. Simon is about 10 years old now and also loves to howl whenever a siren is anywhere within earshot. He drives me crazy almost as much as he brings me joy and that is why I love him so...he has the greatest smile....Maude also had that great husky smile from all the photos I've seen...I'm so sorry for you loss, Carol. RIP Maude.


I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was quite the character and no doubt truly appreciated spending the last 3 years of her life with you; happy, loved and well cared for.


Carol; you always write so beautifully about the ones you have to let go - I know how special maude was to you, and I'm sorry for the silence this morning. She had a great life at SAINTS, and she loved you. Thank you for sharing your memories with us who did not have the privilege of knowing her as long.

Nicole N

Carol, I feel so sad for you in your loss. I know that each time I have lost one of my four legged companions, a part of me is lost too. Letting Maude go was a selfless act that closes a chapter in your life. You gave her ability to leave this world with dignity, knowing that she was so loved and cherished. She will forever be with you in spirit, her 6:00 am howl will still be heard with the wind.

colleen b

My heart breaks for you today. She had a beautiful soul. Her howl amazed me always. And she was always fastest on the draw to snag the canned food off the spoon. RIP beautiful girl. You were surrounded by love.


I am sorry Carol. The northern breed dogs are different - you either love them or not. They can be so difficult, but there is something about their character and spirit. It is why I have loved malamutes for so many years.
Maude was one of my favorites at Saints and I always made sure I saw her each time I was there.
Rest in Peace sweet girl.

Carol Ann

Dear Carol I am so sorry. I know how much it hurts. Maude will be missed by all.


I'm so sorry Carol. Maude was such a beautiful girl. Rest in peace sweetie.