Rescue Journal

my personal defense against murphy

Carol  ·  Apr. 24, 2011

the cool thing about rescue is you can't role play your way thru it. every day is different then the one before...different challenges weave in and out. you literally are flying by the seat of your pants trying to cover it all.

i have to laugh when i see the innocent with their pre-written scripts...i am going to do this and this...and then you (the animal) are going to do that and that...and we are going to have this incredible happily ever after story to share and isn't it all just so wonderful, this well planned and well written chapter in rescue?

yeah right.

never forget to factor in...murphy's law.
cuz murphy is a freaking busy little bastard who likes to tweak the best laid plans of mice and men.

i try really hard not to jump on anyone who just got a kick in the butt by good ole murph. i figure murph is just waiting to pick his next victim so why would i want to stick myself right under his nose?

like i haven't learned in almost 20 years in rescue.... don't set myself up to let murphy yank my pants down...i know damn well he can't resist, so i try not to be stupid and tempt him.

superstitiously this is why i am so open regarding the things i really suck at..i figure murphy naturally gravitates more towards knocking the crap out of know it all king pins. it has to be a lot more fun for him than pulling the rug out of someone already laying down.

every once in a while i forget i did this afternoon when i was in a hurry to meet up with my family. apparently "I" forgot to latch sherlocks gate well (i know it was me because i put him to bed before i left) and sherlock and murphy had a happy destructor party. he must have heard me having a fit about the last time that dog found his lock off and managed to break free.
there was pee and poop smeared everywhere, the floor beds were dismantled and dragged thru the mess and the stuffing was removed from my most favorite vest...and another one of mine was pissed on. oh gee and guess which one magically remained completely intact without one single sopping wet, poopy, ripped apart wound?

the be-dazzled "i survived phoebe" figures cuz murphy has a sense of humour too...oh yay.

so sorry murphy...i too suck at remembering to lock sherlock's gate, no need to point this out to me ever again.



funny... i have this image of a burglar-like evil man named Murphy (complete with a little black hitler mustache) sneaking up behind Carol and pulling her pants down, her promptly decking him and kicking him at the "crux". ~ahem~, and, finally, the dogs promptly rushing him and ripping him to shreds for doing such a thing to one of their protectors.

it wouldn't be a good idea. some dogs shouldn't get a taste of blood... even the blood of an epigram that deserves it.

SAINTs comic strip, anyone?


oh and i'm picking up the food pat emailed about and should be out around noon.