Rescue Journal

another loss today...

Carol  ·  Apr. 25, 2011

first thing this morning..popeye was down and could not get up. we called the vet right away and he came up. pops did eventually make it to his feet so the vet gave him some pain meds and left orders for us to ice his feet. mo and i went into town and brought back 1000 pounds of fresh and dry peat moss to create a soft and thick surface for him to stand on. the vet will be out to see him again and we will keep a really close eye on him. the issue is that his feet are so sore that he has been laying down for long periods...because he is so old, the longer he stays down the more sore the rest of him becomes and then he can't get himself up again. sucks.

larry and molly had their vet visit late this afternoon. molly came home again but larry did not. the bottom line was altho he is better than he was a week ago.... the vet did not feel that larry would ever regain the ability to walk again...his joints were just too fused. i did not need him to be up and trotting around but i at least wanted him to have the ability to get a drink if he was thirsty or move to another room or another bed if he wanted more space or some privacy. i didn't want him to feel trapped in one spot by his rigid and unbending body....that would not be fair to him. the vet said it was kindest to let him go and so we did.

larry was one of my most favorite dogs for so many reasons. i don't know why i adored him so much, but i did and i am truly going to miss him.

rest in peace larry, you were a very great dog and i hope you are easily trotting along somewhere feeling the love of all of us with you and the warm sun shining down on your face.



Deb L

I feel so sad over the passing of a little dog who captured my heart without even meeting him...I can only imagine the loss for those of you who were Larry's real-life friends.


Im very sorry for your loss Carol. I never had the chance to meet larry but enjoyed reading about his antics and loved reading your dedication post to him.


My heart is breaking at the loss of Larry. Carol I feel sadness each time I read of losing another Saint but for some reason I had this very special place for this little guy. I am so sorry...

Bunny Horne

Carol et al, does Saints need a standard office quality 4 drawer filing cabinet (locks)? Our office has one we are selling cheap. I've got some cash in my Saints Ellie bank and could grab it if you need it. It's first come first gets. Call me or respond to the entry (604-716-0085).

Bunny Horne

Carol there are few words for the week that you've had. Our heart felt wishes are with you. We are sending prayers for Popeye - he is so loved.
Bunny and Brent


Larry was a beautiful in my eyes, so photogenic and a sun worshipper for sure. His trot was cute but I hope he is able to run (pain)free where ever he is now.


i also wanted to say i am so sorry colleen i know how much you loved larry and how you so wanted to give him a good home. it really was his time to say goodbye and i am sure he would have given you a big hug and kiss and said thankyou for loving me.


my gosh so many in such a short time. larry was a little sweetie, he loved laying outside in the warm sunshine, remember he was an la dog lol. he really was one of the favorites because he had a certain charm about him. be free now larry and may you always have your sunshine in the sky.

Nicole N

Sweet dreams little Larry. And I so hope that Pops feet feel better. I have fallen so in love with that beautiful horse. I wish I could do something for him.

Colleen B

Larry, my love, you lit up my world. I cry for you tonight for selfish reasons - because I so desperately wanted to see you one more time, because you brought happiness and grace into our lives, because you represented an ability to forgive and trust again that is so foreign in our world. You spent your life fighting, little soldier, and your body bore those battle scars - so be free now. But shine down on us once in a while with your little pink tongue sticking out and remind us of what is beautiful and pure in this world. I loved you so much.


Aw, Little Yoda - it was the right decision Carol! That last picture taken of Larry with the Bunny ears made him look like an angel - which he was.
I sure hope Pops will be ok. I thought him lying down was a good thing - I guess not - at least not so much.
What a shitty day Carol, I'm sorry.
I'm glad Molly came home tho.


So sorry to everyone who loved that cutie. Rip sweet little Larry.

I really pray pops will be better so I can spend some more time with that special guy.

Ann C

That was so very much the right decision, sweet dreams Larry to me you were a little lamb.


Don't know what it was about larry that sucked everybody in. He was the saints animal with the most sponsorships, I will send and email out to his sponsor families to let them know he has passed.
I personally loved how his ears flopped about when he trotted around. such a special guy.


I am so sorry for your loss. Seems you have had more than your share the past while. That has got to hurt.