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so...what was it about larry?

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2011

that captured us all so well? hilda doesn't bring out the same kind of things in us as larry did and she is little and came up from the same LA shelter, in the same dire straights... people have a hard time even remembering her name and yet hilda is a great little dog too.

i remember the first picture i saw of him...sparce in the hair department with the big tumor dangling from his neck and i thought at the time, yep little buddy, for sure you look like a totally wrecked little saint. once he got here and i saw how he walked..toot-ta-toot-ta-toot...with his little stiff legged trot and his ears flopping like wings..i was completely hooked.

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for several long weeks larry was just here...he watched, he waited..he was thinking things thru. and while he was figuring us out, i was going out of my way to touch him, to tell him i loved him and to put all kinds of good cookies and crap right under his nose.

larry could not resist my attempts at bribery and soon i had hooked him back too. he started following me around...he became my computer buddy dog. as soon as i sat down, larry was up on the bed at my feet with his front feet on the chair between my legs getting his loving when he wanted it too....larry was home.

then we decided that larry could and should have more. colleen b absolutely adored him and offered larry a truly great home. who'd have thought larry wouldn't want this, who'd have thought that our placcid and accepting little guy would get all upset? but he did...and he communicated it the only way he knew ripping apart the door jams...larry wanted to come home.

larry liked it here...good food and plenty of it..good people around him at all times...good dogs and cats to cuddle and sleep with...tons of activity for huge chunks of the day that he could participate in or just watch from his bed. everything that larry wanted, he already had. larry wasn't greedy...he did not need or crave to have everything that the world had in possibilities. he liked what he had. that was good enough for him to find happiness and larry was happy with that.
larry wasn't a gambler...he said stop, this is good enough when he found what he many of us are bright enough to do the same?

so while larry was happy here...he spread that happiness out to you and to me. and i think that is why larry had such a following...he was like a little glow worm..his satisfaction in life was contagious..he was peaceful and content..he was zen-like in some ways...everything was cool in larry's world.

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while we were at the vets (which larry was not happy about by the way....he wanted to go back home again in his own quiet way..he didn't like being out and about.)...anyway...i noticed how soft his skin and his hair had become. it wasn't all rough and spikey like it was when he came in. and i noticed how he had grown more too, he wasn't as sparce as he used to be. i saw how bright and alert were his eyes and and how thoughtful they were.

and i think i understand larry now. he was a dog who had seen the best and the worst parts of this world. and he knew what happiness meant to him. he dug himself his own little spot in to the heart of saints and he was more than content with that.

not everyone wants to have it all..larry wasn't interested in winning the lottery. he searched and he suffered til he found his comfort zone and then he wanted to keep it.

i think we all fell for larry..not just because he was adorable. but because larry found something that we are all still looking for..his very own, larry style, made to order, perfectly fitted larry-home.

and it was good enough for him.




there was a LOT of "aww"ing and laughing at seeing Larry- chugging with those stiff joints after those treats, loving his rolling, and those lovely gizmo ears.

"DUDE. you can ROLL on the blanket. BUT WAIT.... roll on the GRASS? AWESOME! And... and... you can do BOTH! LOOK! WhooWHUAAAAHAHA!"

Colleen B

Thanks for posting those vids, Jenn. I hope everyone smiles as much as I do when they play :)


I will miss Larry a lot. I'm so glad that such a great dog got to have such a stellar life in his retirement at SAINTS... it warms my heart to think of the peace that must have been in his heart.


you should use that last photo (#7) of that absolutely adorable and obviously happy little soul (Larry, of course) for you banner/header/whatever it is called for either the blog or the website. it is far and away the best photo of all the zillions you have of all your saints. his happiness just shines out for all the world to see.


Thank you for the stories of Larry. I've been crying since yesterday, for a little dog that I'd never even met, yet he touched me greatly. Since discovering your website a few months ago, I have looked at his sweet little face in the photos and videos every day. Sometimes I would leave his little face on my computer screen all day, just to make me smile as I walked by. I wish I had met him, but it gives me comfort to know he was so loved and cherished there at Saints, and he had found his true home.

Bunny Horne

Carol, why wouldn't Larry be content on finding his comfort zone? YOU provide a stable environment, which many of the SAINTS have seldom experienced. You provide warmth, lots of food, lots of play, great exercise, companionship of other animals and humans. They get to be themselves and where is that possible in this world? A SAINT can have alone time or be surrounded by companions. Never again are they lonely. Never again are they mistreated. Never again do they go hungry. Never again do their medical issues go unnoticed or unaddressed. Why would he want to risk this safe, comfortable, loving environment?
These tiny banged up souls are much smarter than us, they know the grass isn't always greener somewhere else.


I have been away so this morning just caught up with the latest at SAINTS. I am so sorry to hear about Maude and Larry. As sad as I am, it is mixed with gladness that they found SAINTS and that they had time to feel they had a home. Thank you, Carol, for all you do.

Carol Ann

Oh Carol you said it so well as you always do. Larry was a very special little guy. It was a privledge to know him and love him. He will be sorely missed in the house. It was evident that he loved living at saints. RIP sweet boy.