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Take Me Home Tuesdays: Sherlock or SherLUCK?

Jenn  ·  Apr. 26, 2011

Every Tuesday we will be featuring one of our adoptable animals in hopes that this will help our adoptable saints find their happy fairy tail forever homes.

This week we are featuring Sherlock.


Sherlock is a lucky dog. He was hit by a car as a young pup and suffered a fracture in his spine that left him temporarily paralyzed. His eldery family could not care for him and he was up for euth. He had been on a rescue board for a long time and none of the other rescues were stepping in to save him. SAINTS took him in under our special needs mandate and provide him with the care he needed to heal and get better. He has made almost a full recovery with no longer term damage expected, he is ready for a home.

Please watch and share his video and email: if you think you are the right match for our lucky little pup.

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Carol Ann

Sherlock is an amazingly loving playful dog--someone will be lucky to have him. If my house wasn't full he would be here. You have to see him to truly appreciate how beautiful and soft he is.


distance adoptions are welcome as long as the potential adopters are willing to travel to saints in person to meet us all and realize final approval for any adoption does not always occur with the meet and greet. and as long they are willing and able without dinking around to get the animal back to us safely and asap if for some reason the home can't keep the animal...and that expectation is in place for the entire life of the animal..not just the first few months or weeks.
on far away adoptions this can be really inconvenient but it is written in blood and stone in the contact and not up for negotiation for any reason.


Although I'm sadly not currently in a position to adopt a dog, I'm wondering what you're policy on out-of-province adoptions is? Or if you prefer to keep your dogs close to you geographically.


Thank you for doing this Jenn, He's a great dog needing a great home.

Keep our fingers crossed that my email goes crazy!