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RAPS (Richmond Animal Protection Society) is entered in the next Pepsi Challenge..they do good if you have any votes to spare, they would appreciate the help!

Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2011

Hello Carol,

I hope you don't mind that Louise of Cat's Cradle suggested I ask if you and SAINTS would support RAPS in the next cycle starting May 1 to June 30. RAPS is going to be entered in the 25K category for spay, neuter, and basic vet care for dogs and cats belonging to low income people. RAPS has always helped people with cats, but since taking over the shelter contract we find that more and more people are asking us to help them with their dogs. If we can help people with basic vet care, we hope that more of them will be able keep their pets all the way through the senior years.

We have planned a campaign using facebook, twitter, email, posters, and I do hope to lure the local paper into doing a story on our project.
SAINTS supporters, who know what it takes to win, would help immensely in our bid to achieve our goal.

Thank you for your consideration,




I have been voting for our BC rescues for the last several rounds.

Alaskan Malamute HELP League has also been accepted for this round in the $10,000 category. Bev has done a great Youtube video for it. I think you can access it here:!/video/video.php?v=10150180810290817

As with all of our rescues, the money will sure help a lot of dogs.


Hi Helen
We met at the TG Chinese food dinner. Looking forward to getting down to RAPS and I will be sure to vote for you.


Hi Helen,
I am a nothern BC resident who supports Turtle Gardens Rescue and found the SAINTS blog from their website.
I'll support RAPS in the next Pepsi Challenge. You can count on my vote.
Good Luck!!!!