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Happy Tails Update: Bohdi (formerly known as Alf)

Jenn  ·  Apr. 28, 2011

Bodhi has been with us for two months and it feels like he was always here. He settled into our family of three humans, two dogs, and one cat pretty quickly. Bodhi is adorable, funny, sweet and all around lovable. Even the vet says Bodhi is such a nice little dog (even when having his temperature taken back, ahem, there).

A few times a week I bring him to the school I work at. There, the special needs students run a doggy daycare (with the supervision of the staff, of course). Bodhi takes turns sitting on everyone’s lap. The students are smitten with him. They especially liked the day he showed up in his Spiderman outfit. J

We’re so happy Bodhi has come to live with us. He has truly enriched our lives.






How wonderful, Thank you so much for sending these photos & updates on Bhodi ( BTW I LOVE that name )

I was browsing the SAINTS videos the other day & I think it is the " Love Everday " one that has a quick clip of Bhodi ( back then Alf ) getting a ear grooming by one of the other bed buddies ... I thought was a cute little guy he was... and now this update arrives on the Blog... You have made me smile today : - )


Yes, he's our sweet little California dude! I have a cute video of him that I'll email to you, Jenn and/or Carol.

Carol Ann

so happy for alf oops bodhi I really liked that dog also. All those dogs that came from LA were soo sweet. My sweetie is too. :)


yay..i buried the last email his family sent and couldn't find it again. thx jenn and margie for bypassing me and getting this up!

Nicole N

Awww... I love these kinds of updates. Bring tears of happiness to my eyes. What a lucky boy Bodhi is. And what great people to open their arms and hearts and home to him!


i loved alf he was such a sweet dog i am glad he is happy and looks great. another happy tail.