Rescue Journal

last night i was visiting others blogs to see what they have been up to.

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2011

some haven't posted in weeks or days. honestly is the first rule in blogging..if you want folks to read need to keep it up to date. anyway..i got onto lori pauls is thoughtful, it is well written, it is never know what you are going to find there but generally it is peaceful and beautiful. last night i watched a video of roger ebert on it...which as a nurse, struck me cuz he was speaking about new computer technology...barf...and how it allows him to still have a voice...yay! and the challenges of living speechless in a speaking world...this was very moving and thought provoking for me.
roger also plugged another friend"s is called "the smart ass cripple" and this is a very blunt, very funny but very truthful, shoot from the hip and tell it like it is blog. the author address's the social, financial and real life issues of living is a very real and very good, thought provoking blog.

what are some of your favorite blogs that we blog readers might like to add to our lists, when we are surfing around?


Lori Paul

Thanks so much for your kind words Carol, and for all you do for the beautiful Saints in your care. It was reading your blog everyday that got me thinking about starting my own so thanks for the inspiration! It pleases me to no end to read that now you enjoy my blog too! Full circle :)

Cheryl K

Turtlegardens of course
and I also love rolling dog ranch..

Mauro Salles

Ditto Marisa!

Two more:

Turtle Gardens ==>

Walking' the Bark Rescue ==>

Nicole N

A friend of mine has two:

I haven't done much on Stories of My Ancestors, but Family Trees May Contain Nuts is hilarious!