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happy birthday to me!

Carol  ·  May 1, 2011

geez the board is getting hit hard in admission is starting to shape up into busy..several requests in a day. i feel sorry for them cuz it really sucks.

sherlock is out on a 2 week trial..we will see how it goes. sweet, sweet dog..totally well socialized but as far as dignified house manners...cheerfully dumb as a post.

also chica and suzie are out for an extended sleep over with laura..i wasn't going to say anything til we see how they do but i forgot that everyone is going to freak out today when they can't find those two! and just let me say here...chica has slept under my covers, curled up into me every night for 4 years...and suzie has for the same time tried to nightly suck out my eye balls...held me still by standing on my hair and dug her sharp feet into my sensitive neck skin to torment me and made me fall asleep laughing so last night i was REALLY missing both of them A LOT!!!!.

yesterday yoshi got whipped down to the vet...he has the beginnings of another corneal ulcer and this is a REAL drag cuz trying to do ANYTHING (especially eye ointment) with yoshi's eyes or face is a total GONG SHOW nightmare. that is how he lost his other eye..we were just simply unable in any shape or form, to provide the care that he needed. this is his last eye..he doesn't have any spares now so i am freaking out...why does he have to be such a lunatic bastard about anyone goofing around with his face???

and speaking of crazy...toothless tiny pissed off poodle is arriving this evening after i get home from work and am done with the barn buddy's bedtime things. today is my birthday..i have already ditched my family cuz i am too busy and now i won't need a bithday party cuz i have a bitchy birthday poodle coming..her name is cherry and she is a wee bit of a freak.

this is what happens in rescue when you turn 53...old, tiny, toothless, pissed off poodles are far more interesting then celebrating another unnecessary god damn birthday....staying 52 was absolutely fine with me.


Frank&Beverley Wristen

Happy Birthday Carol. We are sure that all of your saintly ones are wishing you Happy Birthday too.

Mauro Salles

Happy Birthday and remember Picasso => "It takes a long time to grow young."

Bunny Horne

Happy Birthday, Carol. Sorry for the cow slobber on your birthday card. Bent brought the card out to me for signing while I was grooming Percy. What a mistake. Would you like to sign the card. And immediately Percy grabbed it out of Brent`s hands and covered it with gob. So happy slobbery birthday wishes from Percy, Brent and Bunny.


Happy Birthday! I left you a little surprise by your computer, and your lunch in the fridge. Also, Helga left you something in the fridge as well! As Lynne said, it was a very nice day at SAINTS today - and nice to have the laundry room open and accessible again. I so hope this works out for Sherlock! It did seem strange having so many little faces missing tho'. By the way, Theya is beautiful.

Deb L

Oops! I just realized my comment went onto the last post by mistake:

Happy Birthday Carol!
This quote made me think of you guys:

“You can learn a lot about yourself with what you’re doing and who you’re with on a Sunday” — Reese Witherspoon


i must say it was very quiet without our sherlock there but hope all is going well for him. had a great day at saints was just one of those days when all is going well it was quiet calm and there was not a problem fed the dogs up in the laundry room so it did work out very well so until the laundry room has another dog in it it should work out well. have a great day carol and see you maybe during the week. hoping to get out to help renee again. it is a whole different atmosphere during the week. less chaotic i quite liked coming there last week.


Happy, happy day Carol :) I put in a birthday surprise when I mailed your parcel :)

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

happy Birtdday Carol! A pissed off toy poodle is better than 3 karelian bear dog puppies - want to trade!My birthday is next week and I have 9 years on you! So I just say I am 50 with tax!!

Joyce, Bud, 'Baby Babies' & Karma

Happy Birthday to You (Moo-Moo, Neigh-Neigh, Oink-Oink), Happy Birthday to You (Meow -Meow), Happy Birthday Old Carol (Howl-Howl, Woof-Woof), Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Carol Ann

Happy Birthday Carol and many more please. You were a good girl all year the sun is shining for you.

cheryl and stef

Having another birthday with a toothless tiny pissed off poodle is certainly better then the alternative...HHAHAHAH Happy Birthday to you Carol.

Nicole N

Happy birthday Carol! Kind of ironic that you are getting a "Cherry" on top of your "Sunday". Have a great one!

Donna S.

Happy Birthday, Carol! Hope you have a great day and that all the critters at SAINTS behave for you today! :0)


Happy birthday, Carol. Born on May Day! Your fate was written in the stars.


i haven't confirmed with meghann,but we are coming out today sometime around 1230.


A very happy birthday, Carol
I promise a regular stream of soup and peanut butter cookies thoughout the year!