Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 2, 2011

mystic's family of followers is probably wondering what is happening with her...she is good. she is still a grubby, mud puppy but i am getting used to it. i have to say that she is such a very good girl...her puppy antics are managable. she absolutely never pisses me off...she is just our little fluffy, grubby cloud of happy and sweet natured busy puppy...she is a total doll.

also tyke is doing absolutely fine. he still barks a fair amount and i tell him to shut the hell up an equal amount which he doesn't seem to mind. he will cheerfully listen to me for about 2 minutes until something else reaches his sensitive ears that he just has to start yelling about again. he gets along with all of the others well....he wears himself out doing all kinds of stuff during the day so at least he sleeps soundly now for which i am forever grateful. he is getting a fair amount of interest in the possible adoption is a process working thru the potentials to make sure we find the very best match. but i have no doubt that tyke will one day soon, find his new great home...he is such a cute and sweet little dog. it is bound to happen sooner than later. in the mean time we are not rushing...we are going thru the process with each applicant as they arrive..and he is enjoying himself while we are looking so thats alright.

theya (which i am spelling was teyha..oh well too late now!) has fit in here like a dirty shirt. she is already a well rounded barn buddy..she has already claimed the far left pillow beside my head at night. her blood work came back...not thyroid or cushings but probably a deep seeded pyoderma (a very deep tissue infection along her flank and back.)she is on antibiotics and goes in for a recheck tomorrow.

the cute little cherry-pit is still sleeping..i am waiting for her to wake up to see if she likes me more.

on the not so new ones...squirt just lifted his leg and squirted the sleeping mandy. i have to say i wish he wouldn't do is about the only thing that really bugs me about squirt. shane has pretty much watered everything he could think of this morning...thx so much for that shane, the house was looking a bit dry.

and i better get dressed cuz i have to be in maple ridge pretty quick...shit this morning of so far doing diddly squat just flew by!



The Rock goes truckin' on. Very vocal when he wants some personal attention. Loves lap sitting, being petted and having his chest rubbed. A big laid-back sturdy glossy love muffin.

Nicole N

OMG is she ever cute and sweet and friendly. Fit right in out at the barn except she couldn't understand why she was stopped at the gate and not allowed follow into the riding ring!! I think I hurt her feelings when I told her she couldn't come.


Theya or Teyha or cute as a button pooch, is so freaking adorable her happy tail wagging greet was not what I expected when I met her. She was a great barn buddy and joined us on every walk around the pond, taste tested some horse ( and possibly cow) poop and did it all over again on Sunday. I can't wait for her to start feeling better, her back must be very uncomfortable but it sure doesn't let it get her down, just wait till you see her face... cute cute cute

I am looking forward to meeting the cherry-pit


both lucky and dusty are doing ok. we have lucky's bowels under control...but she is starting to cough a bit so i wonder if her cancer is spreading into the lungs. but on the whole she is feeling perky and well.

dusty still is up and down with her diabetic control...she is up to 36 units of insulin twice a day now. and she has some ongoing trouble with her back left knee...she is on and off the NSAIDS depending on how she is doing on any particular day.


hi carol,

belated birthday wishes.
was wondering...
how are lucky and dusty doing?