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Take Me Home Tuesdays -->Tasha: Himalayan Love me do

Jenn  ·  May 3, 2011

Last week's Take Me Home Tuesday was a huge success! Sherlock got lucky and is now in a great home. This week's Take Me Home Tuesday adoptable animal feature is one of the most loving cats at SAINTS ...



Tasha is 10 years of age. Her and her brother, Tiko had been hand raised kittens by Carol and were adopted out to a home recommended to her by one of the vets. Their owner started to have health issues and could no longer care for the cats and so in 2009, when they were 8 years old, they came back to Carol at SAINTS. 6 months ago, Tiko passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Tasha is now alone but doing very well. She would love to have her own person to pamper her with love and affection.

Please watch and share this video in hopes of it reaching her potential forever home.

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To adopt Tasha and any one of our other adoptable feline loves please email



What a wonderful video of an incredibly beautiful cat! One of my favorite things about the blog are the pictures and videos (and the stories that make me laugh and cry without even having met the the SAINTS!), and I'm positive that Tasha is going to find a wonderful home.


hey lori, dawn won't have access to your email address.
can you send her an email at or even have your friend contact her directly?

Lori Paul

I've got a friend of a friend interested in the unbelievably beautiful Tasha...please contact me for her contact info.


sorry for changing the subject but i met cherry for the first time today. she tried to take my hand off when i went to pet her and carol said i could say this, she is a cross between a bat and a ferret. little bat ears and a weasely little body. but so so cute. she is very deceptive lol she quite liked the toast renee was wooing her with. sometimes the littlest packages have the most attituded. she is so eansy but is not taking any crap from anybody. welcome little miss cherry


Erin I had no problem with showing how fit and healthy our volunteers are. But I thought you might not want half the world to see your mid-drift also Tasha did not want your abs stealing her thunder :) there is a great shot of your bicept though!


jenny i didnt know you got any shots with me fully dressed! woohooo! (haha you had to be there!)

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carol, Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow.
Thanks francesca

Nicole N

Tasha is a lover - and beautiful to boot. Who ever gets her will be loved like crazy!! I wish I could take her but my cat would not like that very much. His name isn't "Bad Boy" for nothing.