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Carol  ·  May 3, 2011

mandy had a vet check today cuz she is coughing a fair amount again. th vet thinks it is her rotten teeth more than her heart and they are irritating her throat...her heart sounds pretty good. we have known for some time that mandy needed dental work but because of her bad heart and extreme age, we haven't done it. the vet feels that now that her heart seems ok with the cardiac meds we should give it a shot. so she is on antibiotics again for now with the plan to do her teeth in the next couple of weeks.

suzie and chica are back..but just for a bit. suzie was getting a little bit anxious..i think she was missing her friends. squirt, daphne and i have all had a good face, eye and ear clean. chica decided that tyke had lost his manners while she was gone so she took it upon herself to remind him. he quickly pulled up his sox and chica was mightily pleased, her tail did the really happy wagging thing. so...i think the other issue might be..that here suzie and chica have a ton of power and at laura's they felt not quite so powerful was too new.
so the plan is to shift them back and forth this day here, one day there so they can get used to the change more slowly and then let them decide where they ultimately want to live. freaking dogs ought to know when they just got lucky but it might take them some time to figure it out on their own.

the cherry-pit is doing fine. lynne's was the only hand today she tried to remodel. we gave her a new softy heated bed which she likes so much she pees in it instead of getting up to use her pee pad. but oh well...this is what incontinent pads are for. she is eating and drinking well and she lets me hold her and carry her around. renee has her number with the making of her toast so on the whole i think she is doing quite well.

the weather was wet and crappy these two days off so i didn't get the moss raked out of the bottom field. i gotta get moving on this and the new grass seed down before we start running out of rainy weather. that field has to be ready in three or 4 weeks for the barn guys to move so we can repair the upper field..grhh this is such a timing pain in the neck!

we had the vet out to see herman again. he thinks he has just gotten fat and lazy so we are to get him moving some more. he definitely has some pain in his back legs or feet tho so he is going on antiiflammatories for a few days to see if that will get him to move more.
pops skipped his foot trim today, he is just starting to feel better so he got a bit of a break.

and i think that is all of the news for now.
oh...2 more things...

yoshi had his eye actually looks better. hah! keep up the good work renee and ryan..looks like if we can keep it healing, he won't lose his eye!

and the last book order is here...lisa and cam we will need your address's to forward on so please pop me an email. and there is book here for diana, but it is not our volunteer diana so could the book diana also pop me an email so i know who it is for. i think eveyone else is to pick up here? if this is not right please send me an email about that too!


Lori E

I heard of you through Nicole N. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
If you have any blog questions I am happy to help.
I did notice that on your event page there is no date for your silent auction unless I missed it?
You all do such great work and I would also like to do a post on my blog about you. I have a fair amount of local readers.
Perhaps you could contact me advising if this is okay with you as I would need to take some info / pictures from your site.


molly is ok..the tumor is growing but so far she is doing ok...she was out with ryan and renee for the field run again yesterday.