Animal Updates

jumping thru hoops for the doozie dog.

Carol  ·  May 4, 2011

the dogs don't give a shit about what i am cooking in the toaster oven. they are just excited that i am actually cooking something cuz that means they are going to get some.

tonight i made pillsbury biscuits...mmm..lots of butter and jam. (please hold your tongues on my dinner choices..i have 20 dogs here who think my dinner was great!)

even tiny cherry-pit got up and was looking mighty intrigued and i made sure she got some too cuz i want that little thing to really like me!

i haven't talked much about our newest tina but she is quite the character. she squeals at any occasion...when she is super happy cuz i just got home, when she is super pissed off cuz i left her behind and apparently also when i am eating biscuits, butter and jam.,...tina squeals at the top of her lungs...and yes she too managed to get some of my dinner. anyone who can squeal that well deserves a treat.

note to everyone..we are putting bambi 2, noelle and shane in the kitchen alone when no one is here. this is because both noelle and bambi 2 can be prime bitches when they are in a bad mood...shane is just in there cuz i am tired of his endless watering of the computer room and noelle and bambi 2 both like him.

we are just waiting for laura to come to take suzie and chica again for the night..then i am having a hot bath...maybe doing a load of my laundry..popping the mp building to bed and watching that unstoppable train movie..(i have watched it twice and discovered two i actually really like it and two it is good for falling asleep.)

what a gorgous day figures... i was working and will continue to be working until next monday which by then i am sure will be raining again.

and shit! i forgot to buy milk for the cats and some bran cereal and a few other tempting things for herman...he is constipated and i need good stuff to sprinkle his lax-a-day on. i have GOT to get to the grocery store for them tomorrow!

i think folks should know that there is a real deep friendship bond forming between dixie and popeye. czar is so paranoid to let dixie near gideon (in case she steals his affections from him) so dixie is spending a good portion of each day hanging out and visiting over popeye's gate. awwww...everyone needs their own special friend!

crosby (our turkey) is spending quite a bit of time outside now. i see her out for hours at a time. i think not only is she feeling comfortable here but she likes both the rain AND the occasional sunshine. i think her feet are still pretty tender and she is not using the foot bath KO gave her. but she seems to like to stand in the puddles so whatever works for her is good for us...but this might be a problem when we reach the dry weather. we will have to figure out something else for her.

ooops..laura is here..gotta go.

ok so laura came...they said a quick hi and then we let them walk out to the car on their own. no leashes,, no carrying (they can't say either one of us kidnapped them...they got there all on their own!)..just their own little 8 feet to get them from saints to the car for the trip to laura's one made them go! they both took the first attempt to jump in her car (of course we then had to help them cuz they are too short and laura's car is too tall.)

and this is where you are mostly going to think i am nutz..but i firmly believe that animals when safely possible, can have a free will say in their own decisions (like hey! do we want to go with laura in her car today???) i think they will find the trip and the change again a little less scary. they know they wanted to go...they know that laura and i were right there and both happy that they wanted to go and tomorrow they can come back here again if they want to.
trust won't take those two long to figure out they still get to call the shots and relax enough to decide on their own where they permanently want to park their homebody butts.

i think they will eventually choose laura's in the next day or two...and this is good for them, it is good for me, it is good for saints and it is good for laura....but first they must decide it is good for them..then the rest of us get to follow their lead.




Well, it is no secret that Suzie is my favorite Saint. I will miss seeing her all over the place when I am there. But, if being with Laura is where they want to be, I am happy for them. Plus, Laura is at Saints all the time and I am sure she will bring them for visits.
How is Suzie's face doing?

Bunny Horne

Yes, it's true Popeye and Dixie are having a thing. It was embarrassing to watch on Sunday. I thought he was in love with volunteer Alison, but alas she has been dumped for the Dixie-Girl. Don't cry Alison - I'm sure he will still let you clean his stall, groom him and of course feed him granola bars.

Nicole N

The Dixie Popeye love fest is so awesome. Can you imagine... Popeye, this old crippled (but loving and beautiful) male horse (gelding?) who has spent most of his life alone, now suddenly has the attentions of a beautiful 7 year young female hottie. What a lucky boy.


love those two dogs ... sounds like so far they are liking the back and forth! ...

OH ok go with laura that was fun. Ok back to SAINTS ... that was nice and familiar ... back to laura for some more fun :)