Rescue Journal

herman passed away last night.

Carol  ·  May 6, 2011

i found him this morning when i checked on him before work. it looked like his death had been peaceful.

we are sending his body off for a post mortem..i need to know why he died and if anything i did or did not do contributed to his death.

i feel incredibly sad today, rest in peace herman, i promise i will learn from your loss.





It was hard to see Herman's bed today... and I am pretty sure Wilbur could care less if I sing to him, so I will continue to sing to Herman & Tunie and hope they come to visit

Bunny Horne

I'm so sorry Carol. Who is going to go into Wilbur's pen and poop in it when he is out trying to get Gideon's lunch? Herman will be greatly missed. RIP sweet Herman.


geez not another loss. i am very sorry carol and barn people . you tried so hard with him. as ann said sweet dreams herman.

Nicole N

Aw Herman... RIP fat little buddy. :-( You will be missed very much.


Whatever the results are of his post mortem, one thing is for sure - he recieved the best possible care with you, never forget or regret that.