Rescue Journal

storm far not.

Carol  ·  May 7, 2011

a couple of gentle reminders to staff and volunteers alike (the recent laundry mountains have erupted again into crazy big laundry mountains)..there are several queen sized thick blankets/quilts (folded nicely into 4's) currently adorning the raised karunda dog beds and even underneath the chairs in the medical room..each one is one whole laundry load all by itself....ahemm...a simple single sized folded into 2 fleece would work ok too.

also..if there are not flannel sheet or large thick towel pee pads strategically placed around on the floors...40 dogs will pee there anyway (cuz that is where they are used to peeing) and 40-80-120 puddles of dog pee (depending on how long i am gone for or how many times they actually pee) will combine together and run under my bed, under their beds, under the couches, under the playpens, under the yoga dog mats beds and create giant urine lakes on the rest of the floors that the dogs do not want to have to walk thru cuz they (like both you and me) think puddles of cold pee on their feet is gross. the pee pads are there to ABSORB the pee so it stays nicely in one place. also fleeces and thick blankets make crappy pee pads and end up in the laundry soaking, dripping wet without even accomplishing their objective...folded, and layered sheets and towels do really and honestly work the very best. they get the job done, they are easy to wash and the dogs and i are happier then..navigating thru giant urine lakes is not much fun.

okey dokey my obsessed with laundry and the construction of approriate and adequate pee pad protection lecture is done....for now.

i left work early and BOOTED it home. there was a terrible storm that hit maple ridge and was headed towards mission and our poor, soon to be drenched, stuck out in the fields, farmyard was not only bucketing down but it was flooding the roads as well. laura BOOTED it up here to help me so we got them all safely in beds and barns really quick....and 3 hours later..the storm has still not hit.


mystic is a muddy mess and i just changed my bed so she is NOT going in there til all of her mud dries and falls off.

weeeellll..i better go put frodo and the mp building to bed just in case that storm is sneaking on up here and hoping to catch me (since there is no one else out there) out in the open and unaware.

apparently i am storm paranoid today.

update on maestro and sage..while they still are not eating...tonight they did come out of hiding... up onto the table and up onto the chair to roll around and get some loving from me....sweet, sweet cats!!!
i was going to start force feeding tonight but i don't want to freak them out again since they are starting to come around. hopefully they are on the road to emotional recovery and will eat on their own tomorrow.


Cheryl K

We were driving thru that storm was sunny and lovely in Chilliwack and then like a deluge of hail and rain in Maple Ridge..hard to see thru the windows and lots of cars hyddro surfing..ugh..
Will Spring ever come..glad Mission escaped the brutal storm.