Rescue Journal

a few more updates...

Carol  ·  May 8, 2011

sherlock is doing great on his trial..i have had a few updates (with pictures..YAY!) and it looks like by this weekend, it should be a full go.

suzie and chica are doing great now. they don't need to come back here any more..they have made their choice and are happy with it. they came back yesterday but not because they had to...but because they just like being involved in the weekend warrior stuff with laura. so chica and suzie have moved on now and while saints will continue to be part of their life (they are fosters)...we are no longer needed to be their home.

al is really having difficulty at night now...he can't seem to get comfortable. he is flip flopping around on the bed, needy and pushing his head, back and hips into me trying to find some kind of relief. i gave him 50 mgs of tramadol at bedtime but had to give him another 50 mgs a couple of hours later cuz he just could not settle and sleep. that last dose seemed to do it for him, and within an hour, he relaxed and was able to have a good sleep. i can't seem to find where his discomfort is...he is not moving like it is specific joints or bones or muscles. i do know that his melanoma is getting bigger and wonder if it has spread somewhere i can't see. i will try to get him into the vets this week to see what they think.

little cherry is doing ok, she seems to have settled in well but she doesn't want anything to do with the rest of saints. she likes her laundry room privacy..not too much into sharing a bigger space.

theya looks like she has always been here...she has turned into a full barn buddy dog. yesterday at lunch time she came bombing around a corner to plant her freaking filthy feet right on my "i am supposed to be working" clothes!,,she was happy..weekend warrioring at the barn is apparently fun!

i think that is all of the recent news for our guys right now.


Ann C

That's too funny Brenda, guess we'll be calling you dotty from now on? ha! ha! Hope all is well with you Zoe.


I'm obviously Dorothy - (Bea Arthur), don'tcha think? I won't say who Lynne and Ann are!


Brenda I love it.....the Golden Girls....I think thats going to catch on....but may I ask which one are you. Also nice to hear from you Wendy...and we all miss you to, hopefuly you get out again soon...maybe the Open House the end of June if not sooner.


No worries Zoe; The "Golden Girls" did a fine job! Hopefully we'll see you next week. Take care!


Wow! i sure have missed alot , ( have not had internet since early april, just checking in at the library). so sorry to hear about all the losses, Larry , Prudence, Maude rest in peace to you all. Congratulations to Laura,Chica and Suzie, I hope you all will be very happy together. Loved the volunteer profiles! Can't to meet Dixie and the other newbies! Hope Pops and Al are feeling better, miss you all, hope to see you soon, with love, Wendy


Hey everyone I'm sorry I couldn't make it in today I'm having a bit of a family emergency...see you next week.

Carol Ann

So happy for Sherlock and his new family. They are both lucky. I too will miss you helping empty the dryer. Your happiness was contagious. Be well and happy.

Ann C

I am so happy for Sherlock, he has been the most patient of puppies while he recovered from his injuries. He is a great dog, I wish him and his new family long life, lots of fun, love & happiness and I will miss his antics in the laundry room!!