Animal Updates


Carol  ·  May 10, 2011

the next time we have a hog fuel delivery, i am selling tickets to the very best show i have seen a very long time.

to set the stage for the upcoming delivery...the cows, goats and horses were all shut in to the riding ring. the sheep were hanging out in their beloved loafing shed, carl was keeping a close eye on them and ellie was sunbathing in a pile of sand by the gate.

as soon as the truck arrived, the cows started to get excited...they love all trucks (except for carsons)..all other trucks mean fun things are happening.

ellie took off as soon as the truck arrived and scooted over to the far field to lay and watch the events from the safely far away pasture fence.. carl was torn between watching his sheep and getting out of the big trucks way....(his own personal safety won today!)

i had the load dumped next to the loafing shed and since carl had buggered off..i kept a close eye on the sheep but they just stayed where they were because they are all very good sheep. carl snuck back when the truck pulled ahead...had a quick sniff aat the pile and then checked to make sure the sheep were ok.
once the truck left the field, i opened the gates to the riding ring and that is when the show began.

the cows literally stampeded over to the huge was cautious and just checked it out near the bottom...emily took a running leap and aimed for the top. percy tried the very same thing but his leap landed him head and shoulders buried deep in the middle of the pile...and then he started waving his great goofy head, throwing the stuff i had just trucked in..all over the freaking place.

apparently i had delivered to them a giant cow toy.

when dixie trotted over to check it out, the cows moved away a few feet...and there they huddled anxiously..waiting for her to leave. dixie poked around a bit..i think more because she sensed their impatience than any real interest.

finally she got bored and moved on and the cows dove back in and resumed their play.

everyone enjoyed our beautiful sunny day today...but the best part of all (as far as the cows were concerned) was today was hog fuel deliverance day!



made me laugh, great story I can toally picture emily and percy doing like a belly flop into the pile. Too bad it wasn't covered on film ... NEXT time!