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toast face

Carol  ·  May 12, 2011

we have been eating a lot of toast lately..mostly because for once i have fresh bread (altho sadly, the toast feast is done for a bit because there is only frozen bread left.)

anyway..toast days are fun around here because of the anticipation it brings. they like smelling it as it is cooking...they start getting excited during the buttering and by the time the eating begins...everyone's attention is focused on one thing.

minnie pearl has been getting more than her fair share because minnie has discovered how to do a wonderful the exact right moment when the toast is heading for my mouth...she instanteously sits and puts her toast face on. and minnie pearl's toast face is freaking funny to me.

Is this my Toast Face?

Can I haz some toast please


who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?..minnie has reliably learned how to put the right toast face on very quickly.

there are so many funny things going on around here that get positively reinforced...pixie-pops rapid fire, prancing, dancing search for me whenever she hears my voice...hootie's grabbing of a large flannel that was protecting the floor and dragging it around to amuse me when i walk in the door.

and it occurs to me that what the little buggers have actually learned is how to positively reinforce the behaviors they want from giving them toast, picking them up and holding them, stopping for a quick and fun game.....these little, conniving bastards have figured out how to human train.



thats not the toast face...close but not quite..toast face is more intense..toast is very serious business.

Bunny Horne

Hmmmm - oddly this is the same face she has when I have cookies with me. And you are RIGHT how can you refuse that face???


Dang, I had a hunch that we weren't really training them and now you have proven it. Aren't animals great at training humans?!