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worries from the fat farm

Carol  ·  May 13, 2011

i guess the only thing worse for me right now than an animal apparently dying of fat would be an animal dying of hungry. and i don't want to turn into one of those fat freak outs who basically restrict their animal's food intake to the point of chronic distress. i want that happy balance where they can be a bit chubby if food is important to them or if they happen to like being a bit of a well fed couch potato. all living creatures come in all different sizes, have different wants and an overweight human who gets a great deal of joy from not so great for me would be pretty hypocritical if i insisted everyone else only gets to eat celery.

but...over weight or not. i am an active well padded i think the balance point to this is...ensuring the chubby-loves keep moving enough to balance their intake and activity a bit better. gilbert has slimmed down a little..not from a strict diet but from fixing his feet so he got up and moved a bit and czar are tubby tuba's but they get up and move all around. esther is a bit of a challenge, she cooperates and goes out to the barn every day....but she just goes to where we make her and then lays around there again.
jelly the real chubster has lost a little bit of weight. she has always been a barn dog..but the addition of a low calorie kibble and letting her and mystic play in the house each morning and evening has helped her lose a couple of pounds.

and i know for a fact the reason 140 animals can all live here together in harmony and peace is because not a single one of them is ever worrying too much about if or when they are going to get to eat. no creature is ever really happy if they are tormented thinking about food.

so..i am not going to turn into a food/fat nazi...but i will ask that we limit the food challenged to one or two timbits on the weekend at the very most. and we will provide greater and more frequent exercise opportunities for our chubby couch potato's.

there will be some tough nuts...lucky adores eating but hates going for walks. but lucky is blind and has 2 confirmed tumors inside her so she can do whatever she wants. jelly will take another animal down over the fear of them eating her food so jelly can have a full food bowl with calorie reduced food....and she can spend her days out in the barn, moving around and her house time playing with she too had a highly aggressive cancer that i am sure will show up somewhere day her extra padding might actually be a good thing for her. milton will probably turn into a bigger dick-head if i cut back his food too much..but with the better weather, he is spending more time climbing around out in the cat run which should help his acivity level improve.

on the whole most of our animals are well within normal and healthy limits...a few of the extreme elderly and frail are too thin...a few of the younger and heathier are too fat but the vast majority of them are fine in the middle somewhere and i am ok with that.

but the pot belly pigs have that tendency to be naturally fat and lazy..they like to eat and they like to sleep and we get in trouble if we don't make sure they do more than that. wilbur happens to like trucking around so we can encourage him to do that even more. mo and i talked about it last night...while the farm guys are still in the upper pasture...wilbur can explore the bottom field. when we move the big herd down..he can move up to the upper field and have that whole field to safely toddle around.

anyway...i will pay more attention to the too chub-a-lots and find a way to respectfully and effectively intervene before anybody's weight (except lucky's) gets too out of hand again.



Thanks K.O.
I will keep posted to the PNWBCRESCUE site. I hope to see Phineas FOUND on it soon. Off to hug my dog.


He hasn't been seen for about 3 days now around where my friends are trying their very best to get him to their yard around where he was lost. They have put out a dog house with blanket and water and food for him on the property, but he hasn't been around. They even sleep with their bedroom window open hoping that he will come around and they might hear him.I know the couple are still looking for him as they have put a trap on the property.Poor little guy is so scared. Lets hope that this comes to a happy ending.


Thanks Carol,
Good to know he is still alive and kicking...or should I say running! Bless your heart for trying to catch him. Hopefully he allows himself to be caught soon.


hi brenda..i saw him about a week ago on my way to work..i stopped to try get him but the bugger charged off in high speed. i am not sure if anyone has seen him lately...KO....have your friends seen him recently?

the dog is a wiley and tough one...he is just not letting anyone get even close to him.

Brenda Sauve

Hi Carol,
Long time blog reader here. Has there been any more information about Phineas the lost Border Collie near Stave lake? I adopted a BC from the PNWBCRESCUE over a year ago from Washington State. I feel sorry for this poor little guy. Website still shows him as missing.


We switched from Tim Bits (too many calories) and way too popular to a lower calorie high fibre biscuit with Omegas and fruit. Sounds almost like a dog biscuit, but it's not. Some critters don't like them - go figure. MOs dogs, big fans of Tim Bits, spit the cookies out. Clearly they get better treats at home with MO. Some buddies, like Edith, Gilbert, Sydney, Joey, Petey and Pops loved them. Even Chewy ate some and Chewy hates everything except head butting weekend warriors. Bunny liked them too because she (Bunny is writing this) ate the two packages this past week that were intented for the barn buddies.
So we won't be bringing out Tim Bits any more - we're into the high fruit and fibre, low cal, omega human cookies that taste like dog treats.