Rescue Journal

I Am Carol...Hear Me Roar....

Carol  ·  May 15, 2011

i pick up poop and bleach the floor.

hmmm...i used to think there was more to rescue. i used to think there was something magical, mystical about it. i used to think it was a special calling, a duty...a god-given right of a deeper understanding. i used to think it was about caped crusaders fighting the good and righteous fight.

i am sorry to reduce it down to the basics and destroy the rescue angel myth but the very basic components to rescue are..a mop, a bucket, some bleach, a roll of paper towels and a cheerful willingness to regularly use these.

wow...i just watched shane with perfect aim..lift his leg and piss right in the bleach bucket. thx buddy (i think?) now i don't need to get up from my chair and swish the mop around on the floor!

sorry i am digressing here, but i was impressed that he just did that...i wish he could do it more.

anyway...having a blog, participating in rescue forums, putting out a ton of opinions on pretty much anything does not make a rescuer. and neither does having a dog whisperering gift, or sprouting off as a walking animal encyclopedia or being a know-it-all hag who thinks everyone else is incredibly stupid. shit..i have some parts of all of that (i am bit short on the whispering part and my encyclopedia isn't all that full really.)
but i don't need a ton of homeless leaky animals to do that kind of rescue...all i need is a computer (and maybe a comfy, not ripped or pissed on chair to do it in would be nice too.)

ok..i see it now...the downside to shane pissing in the bucket is...i just mopped up molly's new puddle with a mix of bleach and pee! BUT here is the amazing thing. as soon as i put the mop back in the bucket...shane went and pissed in it again! this must mean the first time (3 minutes ago) was not just a freaky accident! not sure what else it might mean..shane and why he pisses wherever he does piss (everywhere) is far too deep for me in the early morning.

i am being somewhat facitious (how the hell do you spell...facitious???) when i reduce it to just mops and is about fundraising and intelligent and thoughtful decision making too. but honestly it is mostly about cleaning supplies and how often in a day i am actually willing and able to use them!

i made it a rule a year or so ago...saints didn't have any volunteer spots available for the wanna-be warm and fuzzy cuddlers only. it was pretty unfair to our mopping and poop shifting volunteers working their guts out to be stepping over top of the laps full of fur to reach the next puddle of pee. it is also an unofficial rule that we don't have any more room for any more know-it-alls cuz when i finally do actually really and honestly get there..i want that spot left open and waiting for me.

digressing again....cuz tyke is grumbling to me...jeezus are looking decidedly grubby! you are getting a bath today!

wanna know how much thought i put into a blog? hardly any at all. i just sit down and write whatever i want and see what comes out...sometimes it makes no sense at all.

but it puts me accessible to the animals cuz i am stationary for 20 minutes or gives me a chance to mop up re-occuring pee puddles and be amazed at shane's interesting (to me) pee habits.

bottom line on the inside workings of this rescuers mind? it is not so full of changing the world, or if my cape is clean and is mostly full of visions of mops, bleach and pee.....and the occasional mr. christie's peanut butter pirate cookie (which we have been out of for several days.)

my big deep warm and fuzzy rescue moment yesterday?
i rush home on my dinner break to put the barn guys to bed. emily is at the very top of the hog fuel pile eating leaves off the tree...ziggy is right up there with her but sadly he is too short to reach the tree. the silly sight of them up there together, for some reason made me incredibly happy.

sigh..i think from living with them so closely....i am becoming as moronically easy to please as the dogs.

awwww..mystic just brought me a yellow rubber glove...god she is sweet!



Carol, do you mind if Belle comes out on Tuesday with me? She is missing Mystic!


maybe standing around became a way of life for him before he came to you since he was unable to move due to his feet. i can't wait to hear about his first adventure down in the pasture munching on sweet grass!


pops is holding his own. we are getting him out and walking a short bit every day..he was losing too much muscle mass from just standing around which is his actual preferred activity.