Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 16, 2011

i finished a really tough work week last evening..i did mornings/days and afternoon switches all thru the 5 days...friday was the freaking day from hell and i pretty much was reduced to hating my job. i just kept telling myself 5 days on..2 days off, 2 days off..

ok scrap 6 days on 1 day off..i have to work an overtime shift today. plus work only knows about one sick call...they still don't know about the 10 pm one that came in to me last evening...i will have to go into work early cuz i know there is an early client that has to be seen.
i was going to write a ranting reminder post, but lucky i don't have time today so here are a few off the cuff reminders to everyone...

so note to our volunteers...i PROMISED our neigbors the dogs wouldn't start barking before 9 am...hence the saints is closed til 9 am rule. all it takes is noise complaints to city hall to shut us down so quit sneaking in here at 730/830/845....the dogs KNOW you are here. if you get here early and need something to do..the shop has laundry to sort thru, the floors need to be swept, the bathroom always needs to be cleaned and generally tidying up or sorting thru donated items is always appreciated too.
but please do not go anywhere into the guts of this property where any dog may possibly see you out of a window or actually hear you cuz then they start screaming and everyone else starts screaming along with them and i am totally screwed.

also as requested by mo and myself..the barn yards and house are no treat zones for all now...dogs and barn guys alike. there is too much going on and problems are ensuing so if you have treats for the guys, leave them in the house or feed room and we will give a couple of treats with their lunches or dinners.

ok..done being a hag heading off to try to not be an overworked hag at work.


Cheryl Stef

Is that a bylaw enforcement. I always wondered what time people were allowed to start their outdoor work. We have trees being taken down and chainsaws going off as early as 7:30am around us. ....I would rather hear dogs barking then those damn Chainsaws...


i think probably if carol is in early shift to let the dogs out at 9 and to let them back right away. and i also do not let the big dog room and carols bedroom out at the same time as the kitchen dogs as they fence fight and make a hell of a racket. maybe just keep them in until the outdoor volunteers are done outside. and also if the outdoor volunteers hear someone , like bambi barking to come back in, do not assume we hear her in the house sometimes our positioning is not that great to hear the dogs. please just come up and let her in. i understand the barking dilemma as i am going through it at my house and it sucks big time. carol has a lot more than my 3 dogs so we all have to be really careful to keep it under control early in the morning. we as house volunteer have to get it sorted out with the barn volunteers and do what is best for the animals and for carols peace of mind. what is happening for the weekend. the long weekend. i will be thete, who else is coming.


re the dogs...the bedroom guys have access to the yard thru the doggy door until about 730 am. i shut them in before i leave and before anyone comes here so they are not barking outside...they ususlly just quietly pop in and out individually unless there is something going on outside to get excited about (like people wanderuing around!)

the main house dogs get let in and out a couple at a time when i get up and until i leave so they do get out to do their business by taking turns and the cat run doggy door is open for them until about 730 too.

(unless i am on early shift..then everything is shut down by 530 am.)

the thing is...when it is just me and them here...they generally aren't going nutz...if one starts to get excited..i am on top of him or her to shut them up... the real insanity happens as the weekend warriors start getting here cuz they know this means their good and fun day has finally arrived and they are in a gawd dam hurry to get out and get at er!



I have thought of that... if I park way down at the far end of the big top field, slip in from the gate over there..walk the fence line to the gate to the lower field then up the fence line to the barn.. I will stay hidden the entire time. We just need to get the gate at the far end working.

We are the true StealthRUS.. for all the survivor fans reading : - O


We can do that Mo; but it's hard on the dogs because they've been in all night and are very anxious to get outside as soon as they see someone arrive. They continually bark in the house at the front door, waiting to be let outside. I feel badly for them so at 9am, I'm relieved to be able to at least let them out in the front yard - and it's just the ones from the kitchen and little dog room that are let out 1st. The big dog room and Carol's bedroom are always left till a bit later. I really think it's so unfair that because of the neighbours the dogs can't be let out till 9am. although I understand the reasons. There's already a mess in the house from the overnight, and then they can't even get outside to do their business once staff arrive. It's just shitty all the way around - and I mean literally shitty!! I can keep them in, and keep telling them that "they have to wait, and it won't be long", but I feel really badly for them. How do the other house staff feel? I don't know what the answer is, but I'm certainly not letting them out only to make my life easier - (altho cleaning is obviously easier with some of them outside.) I just think they should be able to get outside when someone arrives, especially when Carol has gone to work early. Anyway, whatever is decided, I will follow thru on it. I can put up with the nutzy barking in the house for another 20 minutes after I arrive - no problem! Hey Mo, I've got the answer! You just have to arrive 20 minutes BEFORE the house staff, and no problem!!! I'm being a smart ass now.


and I know this is tough for the house people.. but if they can wait until I am finished feeding the grain to the barn guys before letting the dogs out to the yard it will alliviate some of the noise. If they are stuck in the yard anticipating getting to the field run they make a whole heck of a ruckus...I try to move as quickly as I can & have the whole routine down to 15 or 20 minutes ... once they are out it is only crazy barking for about 5 minutes & then they reach the pond & field & other stuff occupies their minds & voices.

If there is anything I can be doing to assist in making our week-end mornings smoother please do not hestitate to let me know.