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1000 Saints

Carol  ·  May 18, 2011

maggie has been working hard along with kevin to create a new support system for saints. this will allow us to move forward into the future, eventually past me and ensure that homeless senior and special needs animals will continue to have a dedicated and secure safety net to protect them. they have named this program, "1000 SAINTS" and the purpose is to build a base of 1000 people who are dedicated to caring for senior and special needs animals and providing them with the care that not only do they deserve, but that they have earned by their life long service and their own dedication to man.
this program is different from our animal sponsorship program..this is not about one individual animal..this is about all of the senior and special needs animals who need help...this is about supporting and assisting saints as a whole to not only survive but to be able to grow.

maggie has asked that we help this program go sending it off to everyone we know and asking them to pass it on to people that they know. finding 1000 people to band together and commit to helping and supporting saints growth, is not going to be easy and we need your help.
have a look at the attached PDF and the website and think about the possibilities that realization of this dream can bring...not just a bigger and better sanctuary for senior and special needs animals but the ability to reach out into communities to affect positive change in so many more education, prevention, health care assistence, palliative care support too.

dreams are only dreams until we make them come alive.


thank you maggie and kevin for taking the lead in making a dream come true!



Saints always welcomes volunteers.
The basic premise of 1000 Saints is to put the sanctuary on a firm financial footing going into the future. Every penny of the money donated through goes into the Saints main bank account.
We need to get passed the lack of money being an additional stressor on top of looking after animals who need medical, physical and emotional healing.
Not everyone is able to volunteer at the sanctuary because of geographical or other impediments but by the simple commitment of pledging $25 a month they become part of this amazing place.


so is it just money we are donating or can we help some other way i would like to be involved not just finacially but in other areas. i am wondering if we are already commited to saints monthly by donation how does that work. is it the same thing as donating to saints where does this money go. should we either be doing saints or this 1000 saints. i need to know more.


if anyone needs help with setting up paypal account or any questions regarding this you can email info@1000saints and maggie or i will be happy to help you, i can even do a remote desktop and see your pc and walk you thou if need be just email i will be happy to help you :) Kevin


would you guys like us to post this on our websites?
It would go on;; and as well as are going up within the next few days.



If you have a spot at work or play where you could hang a poster on a bulletin board the PDF can be printed off.
Kevin and I are beyond excited about this project but need huge help to get the message as wide and far as possible.
Thanks all


click on the web link: and go to the donate tab. there is the option to subscribe for the $25.00 a month or to make a one time donation through pay pal. I think this is a wonderful idea. Kudos to Maggie!!!!